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Just as some dismal fooleries of this nature had made my heart quake there came a tremendous shriek, careering along the valley as if a thousand devils had burst their lungs to utter it, but which proved to be merely the whistle of the engine on arriving at a stopping-place.

Standing on its hind legs, it fell to savagely worrying its bit, and careering round and round.

There, O monarch, a great uproar arose among the Pandavas when they saw the leader of the Kaurava army proceeding towards the Pancala car-throngs. The Suta's son, O monarch, made a great massacre there at that hour when the Sun had reached the meridian, that puissant warrior careering all the while with the activity of a wheel.

And careering over the field of battle like a fiery wheel, king Drupada with his arrows smote Duryodhana and Vikarna and even the mighty Karna and many other heroic princes and numberless warriors, and slaked their thirst for battle. Then all the citizens showered upon the Kurus various missiles like clouds showering rain-drops upon the earth.

But about the middle of the fore-noon, while I was in my garden, I heard a tremendous racket up the road. Rattle bang, zip, toot! As I looked up I saw the boss lineman and his crew careering up the road in their truck, and the bold driver was driving like Jehu, the son of Nimshi.

Here he threw an engaging smile upon the servant, and made a remark which set the other on the broad grin for the remainder of the day. After this the Baron took his departure. The Baron this time went to some stables, and reappeared in a short time mounted upon a gallant steed, and careering down the Corso. In due time he reached the Piazza del Popolo, and then he ascended the Pincian Hill.

His father stood at one end of the living-room, his mother at the other, and the horse with himself on it was being pushed rapidly back and forth between them. He could even hear his own joyous shouts as his father sent the horse careering across the floor by an extra strong push.

So Willie pushed it back to where it had been last, and made a notch in the handle to know the right place again. So the water from the Prior's Well went careering through Willie's bed-chamber, a story high.

Just such an air was careering seawards when Mr. Pilkington was about to perform the difficult feat of folding his paper backwards. It smote one side of the broadsheet and tore it from his grasp, making it flutter like a sail escaped from the lanyard. The breeze dropped; it hovered; it waited like the wanton that it was; and when Mr.

There was an ugly crowd, and but for a few mounted police that came up, it might have been most unpleasant." "I suppose Alicia has been careering about with him all day?" said Lady Niton. "Alicia and Roland Lankester and the chairman of Oliver's committee. Now they've gone off on the coach, to drive round some of the villages, and thank people." Lady Lucy rose as she spoke.

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