"Oh," said we, "in that case we had better move altogether, we have anoth " "Indeed, no no," said the old lady, horrified. "Stay, stay. There sit down. It is good, keep your beds." She patted us and left us. We had an uninspired dinner. Greasy soup, tough boiled meat which had produced the soup, minced boiled meat in pepper pods, and two pears which turned out to be bad.

"i writ you these few lines in hast i don like youar gon a walen an in the south sea dont go darlin tom or mebbe ill never se you agin for ave bad drems of you darlin tom an im afraid so don go my darlin tom but come back an take anoth ship for America baby i as wel as ever but mises is pa an as got a new tooth an i think yo otnt go a walen o darlin tom * sea as the wages was i in New York an better go thar an id like to go ther for good for they gives good wages in America.

"ANOTHER set?" hollers Eddie, wide-eyed. "Anoth Do you mean to say you've got MORE?" "Why, I ain't exactly got 'em now, but my nephew John keeps a furniture store in South Boston, and he has lots of sets like that. I bought that one off him." Peter T. Brown jumps to his feet. "Why, you outrageous robber!" he hollers. "Didn't you say those dishes were old?"

'Gone, Miss Pecksniff, Mrs Todgers answered. 'She had appointed to be home. 'Ah! said Charity, looking at Tom. 'Oh, dear me! 'She's greatly altered since she's been Anoth since she's been married, Mrs Todgers! observed Moddle. 'My dear Augustus! said Miss Pecksniff, in a low voice. 'I verily believe you have said that fifty thousand times, in my hearing. What a Prose you are!

Carry me into the shade of the mill, and then, if you have time to spare, listen to my dying words, and, if you are fortunate enough to return to the United States, bear me back a message to my home, and to anoth " he paused, and motioned me to carry him into the shade.

"It might just as well be ten thousand dollars a month," responded the judge. "You never pay it, anyhow." "Then, anoth' thing," continued Williams, in his reflective tone. "If he was all right in his haid I could stan' it; but, jedge, he's crazier 'n er loon.