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"Ho! well: stand aside!" "What for?" "Don't you stand arguin', or you may get yourself into trouble," said the constable importantly. "Stand aside!" "Shan't!" "What!" cried the constable, gripping the labourer by the arm. "Can't you see what I'm doing? Want the poor young chap to bleed to death?" "How was I to know?" cried the constable. "Why didn't you say you were doing it?

John, with his instinct to notice things, took the poker up when his father laid it down, to see if it was really the size of the rim. It was too heavy for him to raise by the handle; he had to lift it by the middle. Janet was at his elbow, watching him. "You could kill a man with that," he told her, importantly, though she had heard it for herself. Janet stared and shuddered.

The Princess, she perceived, was completely dressed that business was over; it added indeed to the effect of her importantly awaiting the assistance she had summoned, of her showing a deck cleared, so to speak, for action.

And as in all his miracles Jesus did only in miniature what his Father does ever in the great in far wider, more elaborate, and beautiful ways, I will adduce from them an instance of answer to prayer that has in it a point bearing, it seems to me, most importantly on the thing I am now trying to set forth.

She went to lie down, but she will want to see Captain Poland. Wait, I'll tell her myself. Where is he?" "In the library, ma am. "Very well. I'll see him." Mr. Carwell's sister literally swept down the stairs, her black silk dress rustling somberly and importantly. She was a large woman, and her bearing and air were in keeping.

Tanner, his chin flattened upward as usual, but bent in till it made a double roll over his collar, his eyes rolling importantly, showing much of their whites, his sermon, in an elaborate leather cover, carried conspicuously under his arm, and the severest of clerical coats and collars setting out his insignificant face.

Perhaps I can tell you; I know every nook and corner in the hall," said the Meltonbury, insinuatingly, coming from the other side of the curtains, where she had ensconced herself to watch for the return of Madame on hearing Lady Everly's speech in the stage whisper. "How angry the dear thing will be," she thought importantly, "when I tell her."

"Gooder than mother?" "I don't know your mother, so how can I tell how good she is?" said Griselda. "I can tell you," said Phil, importantly. "She is just as good as as good as as good as good. That's what she is." "You mean she couldn't be better," said Griselda, smiling. "Yes, that'll do, if you like. Would that be good enough for us to be, do you think?"

I will go out and feed the pig and catch old Pier and hitch him to the cart," he said importantly. "I must finish the wheat harvest to-day." "Ho!" said Marie. "You will spill the pig-feed all over yourself! You are such a messy boy!" "I guess I can do it just as well as you can make coffee," said Jan with spirit. "You've never made coffee in your life!"

Aye!" came a thunder of voices, mingled with a few desultory "noes." Sheriff Jack Hayes rode up importantly on his prancing black charger. "In the name of the law I command this proceeding to cease." "In the name of what law?" mocked Brannan, "the law you've been giving us for six months past?" A roar of laughter greeted this retort. The sheriff, red-faced, held up a hand for silence.