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One of the most subtile disputants of the Manichæan school has pressed the danger and indecency of supposing, that the God of the Christians, in the state of a human ftus, emerged at the end of nine months from a female womb.

It should be clearly explained to him that true chastity requires the shunning of all indecency and foul language; that he should refrain from touching his secret parts except when the necessities of nature require it; that all sexual emotions should be subjugated.

Wretches were hired to mingle with the crowd and sprinkle corrosive liquids on the dresses of the females some of them were even instructed to commit acts of indecency, so that all respectable persons were driven from the gardens through the fear of being injured or insulted: As it was wished to create disturbance under the very eyes of the King, and to make him doubt the reality of the sentiments so openly expressed in his favour, the agents of the Police mingled the cry of "Vive l'Empereur!" with that of "Vive le Roi!" and it happened oftener than once that the most respectable persons were arrested and charged by Fouche's infamous agents with having uttered seditious cries.

In a word, we shall set nobody together by the ears. And though we have encouraged the ingenious world to correspond with us by letters, we hope they will not take it ill, that we say beforehand, no letters will be taken notice of by us which contain any personal reproaches, intermeddle with family breaches, or tend to scandal or indecency of any kind."

"I hindered it because it was not decent. My mother had been buried that day. My father asked me to do so." "Not decent! When the mummers have my authority! "If your Lordship does not understand the indecency, I cannot explain it." Ralph was growing angry now. It was not often that Cromwell treated him like a naughty boy; and he was beginning to resent it.

It was a tissue of filthiness and stark indecency, enough to make the most abandoned tremble. The pleasures, the regrets, the desires, the hopes of this precious pair, were all expressed in the boldest language, and with the utmost licence. I believe that so many abominations are not uttered in several days, even in the worst places.

So that, to judge equally of it, it was an excellent Fifth Act; but not so naturally proceeding from the former. And indeed the indecency of tumults is all which can be objected against fighting. For why may not our imagination as well suffer itself to be deluded with the probability of it, as any other thing in the Play.

And it requires battery and barricade, songs in the streets, and ragged men dead for an idea, to produce and justify the terrible flower of French indecency. When I was in Paris a short time ago, I went with an English friend of mine to an extremely brilliant and rapid succession of French plays, each occupying about twenty minutes.

'I beg your pardon a hundred thousand times, my dear sir, but it strikes me you have the impudence in the circumstances, I may call it the indecency to appear cast down? 'It is true, said he: 'I am. I am cast down. I am literally cast down. I feel myself quite helpless against your cousin. 'Now, really! I asked. 'Is this serious?

But it was not the physical indecency of this show that struck Montague so much as its intellectual content. The dialogue of the piece was what is called "smart"; that is, it was full of a kind of innuendo which implied a secret understanding of evil between the actor and his audience a sort of countersign which passed between them.

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