Lee walked out on the balcony; directly below and across a narrow paved street was a floridly impressive building obviously for the purpose of varied assemblages, and on his left a park was laid in concrete walks, royal palms on towering smooth dull trunks, unfamiliar trees with a graceful dense foliage, and innumerable stacked iron chairs about the marble statue of a man with a pointing hand.

They were strange ornaments to bring on a sea voyage china pugs, tea-sets in miniature, cups stamped floridly with the arms of the city of Bristol, hair-pin boxes crusted with shamrock, antelopes' heads in coloured plaster, together with a multitude of tiny photographs, representing downright workmen in their Sunday best, and women holding white babies.

There was something in the sanguine, floridly handsome youth, with his alertness of mind turned wholly, amid the vexing preoccupations of an age of war, upon embellishment and the softer things of life, which soothed the testy humours of the old Duke, like the quiet physical warmth of a fire or the sun.

When the secretary of the convention read Cass from the roll of counties, a Larkin henchman rose and spoke floridly for twenty minutes on the virtues of John Frankfort, put up as the Larkin "draw-fire," the pretended candidate whose prearranged defeat was to be used on the stump as proof that Boss Larkin and his gang had been downed.

But of all things in Lille, or indeed elsewhere, there is nothing more striking than the old Bourse the great square venerable block, blackened all over with age, its innumerable windows, high roof, and cornices, all elaborately and floridly wrought in decayed carvings.

It stands very high, and is an almost untouched example of a medieval village. The altar-piece of the main church is even more floridly ambitious in its abundance of carving and gilding than the many other ambitious altar-pieces with which the Canton Valais abounds.

The single defect which is found in those marvellous gates left to us as a testimony of what the life-long devotion of genius could produce is that they abound floridly both in ornament and action, in place of being severely simple and restrained according to the classical standard.

But to speak floridly, nervously, and copiously, this also is true Atticism: otherwise, neither Aeschines nor even Demosthenes himself were Attic Speakers. There are others who affect to be called Thucydideans, a strange and novel race of Triflers!

Golden bait, Joseph. Woods says "Good-bye," floridly, to his legal friend. He takes a coupe at the door. "Cute old devil, Hardin; I'll run him down yet," chuckles the miner. Joe is soon on his way to the Pacific Mail Steamship office. Several gray-headed officials greet the popular capitalist. He broaches his business. "I want to see your passenger lists for 1865."

There was a natural repugnance between them; the one was simple, the other double; the one was pure, the other selfish; the one loved her neighbor, the other preyed upon his. George was a little louder, and his manners were more studied. Alexa felt him overblown. He was floridly at his ease. What little "atmosphere" there had been about him was gone, and its place taken by a colored fog.