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He has gone ahead of Jesse; for he owns 27,000 acres of land, has 4000 in cultivation, and his last year's sales of cattle amounted to $65,000." It is evident that the brothers Funk are men of administrative talent; they would have made a figure in Wall Street, could have filled cabinet office at Washington, or, perhaps, could even have "kept a hotel."

He generally concludes his letter with a short homily directed against the Prussian Military Staff for their lack of the higher Christian principles. He has spies on the brain. Two quite harmless English citizens have already been shot in consequence of the funk this spy mania has created among us. The vast majority of Germans in England have come to live in England because they dislike Germany.

It occupied the exact place so it seemed to me in which Jock had disappeared. "Look at it!" said Tammy, again. "It's getting bigger!" He was pretty excited, and so was I. I was peering down. The thing seemed to be rising out of the depths. It was taking shape. As I realised what the shape was, a queer, cold funk took me. "See," said Tammy. "It's just like the shadow of a ship!" And it was.

"It's less credit to have a pack of louts who tumble head over heels every time they try to pick up a ball, and funk a charge twice out of every thrice!" retorted Stansfield, who was one of the peppery order. "Greenfield's worth any half-dozen of you, I tell you." "Better get him to play Landfield by himself," growled Loman, who generally got the worst of it in discussions like this.

That hag, hooded like some venomous snake, was too much for my stomach. I dropped off the wall and ran yes, ran till I reached the highroad and saw the cheery headlights of a transport wagon, and heard the honest speech of the British soldier. That restored me to my senses, and made me feel every kind of a fool. As I drove back to the line with Archie, I was black ashamed of my funk.

"Practice makes perfect," replied the secretary. His precarious amiability made it impossible for Schomberg to get away. Thus, from his very timidity, the hotel-keeper found himself engaged in a conversation the thought of which filled him with apprehension. It must be said, in justice to Schomberg, that he concealed his funk very creditably.

Both were by this time in what has been forcibly and picturesquely described as a "blue funk"; they trembled ceaselessly; their teeth chattered, and their eyes roved here and there with a wild, hunted look; every now and then they stopped convulsively, imagining that they saw or heard something to indicate the proximity of the ferocious murderers.

Nakata, as usual, followed instructions faithfully, so that by the end of his third attack he could take a two hours' sweat, consume thirty or forty grains of quinine, and be weak but all right at the end of twenty-four hours. Wada and Henry, however, were tougher patients with which to deal. In the first place, Wada got in a bad funk.

"But I understand that you uphold Bolshevism?" "I don't uphold funk. But," said Ralph, "there's rather more in it than that. It's being engineered. It's a deliberate, dishonest, and malicious attempt to discredit Labour." "Absurd," said Mr. Waddington. "You show that you are ignorant of the very principles of the League."

"A certain amount of allowance must be made for nerves." And again: "I suppose no man can be dead sure of himself always." The implication was too horribly clear to be evaded. He had told her, moreover, that he was a man who had made a shipwreck of his life, that in a moment of folly a moment of funk she knew now to be the veridical description! he had flung away the whole chances of his life.

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