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He neither shall be washen With white wine nor with red, But with the fair spring water That on you shall be shed. He neither shall be clothed In purple nor in pall, But in the fair white linen That usen babies all. As Joseph was a-walking Thus did the angel sing, And Mary's Son at midnight Was born to be our King.

At de fus peepin' uv de day, Brer Dan'l he usen fur ter hop outn his bed and git down on his knees; and soon's eber de horn hit blowed fur de hans ter come outn de field fur dinner, Brer Dan'l he went in his house, he did, and he flop right back on 'is knees. And wen de sun set, den dar he wuz agin er prayin' and er strivin' wid de Lord.

"An' he jes clum up de side uv de den, he did; an' soon's uber his feet tech de yeath, he sez ter de king, sezee, 'King, hit ain't no usen fur yer ter fool erlong o' me, sezee; 'I'm er prayin' man mysef, an I 'low ter live an' die on my knees er prayin' an' er sarvin' de Lord. Sezee, 'De Lord ain't gwine let de lions meddle long o' me, sezee; 'I ain't fyeard o' nufn, sezee.

"Now I ain't er talkin' 'bout'n murlatters, caze dey ain't no reg'lar folks 'tall; dey's des er mixtry. Dey ain't white, an' dey ain't black, an' dey ain't nuffin'; dey's des de same kin' er folks ez de muel is er horse! "An' den dar's Injuns; dey's ergin ernudder kin' er folks. "I usen ter hyear 'em say dat de deb'l made de fuss Injun.

Uncle Bob looked up, and, seeing she was pale and thin, offered her a seat, which she accepted. "Is this always your work?" asked Ann, by way of opening a conversation with the old man. "In cose 'tis," he replied; "who dat gwine ter make de baskits les'n hit's me? I done make baskits 'fo mistiss wuz born; I usen ter 'long ter her pa; I ain't no bort nigger myse'f."

"Now dar's de Beaver, he usen fur ter hab er smoove roun' tail des like er 'possum's, wat wuz er heap handier fur him ter tote dan dat flat tail wat he got now; but den he wouldn't let de frogs erlone: he des tored down dey houses an' devilled 'em, till dey 'lowed dey wouldn't stan' it; an' so, one moonshiny night, wen he wuz er stan'in on de bank uv er mighty swif'-runnin' creek, ole Brer Bullfrog he hollered at him,

Wy, his folks usen ter visit our white folks. I helt his horse fur 'im de many er time; an', let erlone dat, I knowed some uv his niggers; but den dat's ben er long time ergo." "But what was he writin' about Daddy?" asked Diddie, who remembered the picture too well to give up the "writing part." "He wuz jes signin' some kin' er deeds or sump'n," said Daddy.

"Well, yer see de Owl," began Daddy Jake, "he usen fur ter see in de daytime des same ez he do now in de night; an' one time he wuz in his kitchen er cookin' uv his dinner, wen hyear come de Peafowl er struttin' by. Well, in dem days de Peafowl he nuber had none er dem eyes on his tail wat he got now; his tail wuz des er clean blue." "Did you see him, Daddy?" interrupted Dumps.

My old missus in Varginy was werry ticular about her graby. She usen to say, 'Sorrow, it tante fine clothes makes de gentleman, but a delicate taste for soups, and grabys, and currys. Barbacues, roast pigs, salt meat, and such coarse tings, is only fit for Congress men. I kirsait my graby, Massa, is done to de turn ob a hair, for dis child is a rambitious niggar.

The man interrupted the merchant. "Ar bain't much usen to gardening, but ar knows " he hesitated for a moment and then went on, "but ar bai willin' to work." "Ay," bawled the captain. "Fear of the courts has made him find his tongue." "Well," remarked the merchant, "'t is not for my interest to look too closely at a man I have for sale."

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