It is downright profanity; it is shocking." "Very," said I, "but the sermon warn't a bad one; I never heerd a niggar reason before; I knew they could talk, and so can Lord Tandemberry; but as for reasoning, I never heerd either one or the other attempt it before. There is an approach to logic in that."

'Hi! you boy! and 'Hi! you girl! shouted in an imperious scream, is the civillest mode of apostrophising those at a distance from them; more frequently it is 'You niggar, you hear? hi! you niggar! And I assure you no contemptuous white intonation ever equalled the prepotenza of the despotic insolence of this address of these poor wretches to each other.

Ole massa, he not 'pear to like de idea ob parting wid Phillis jus den, for he know right well dat he not get anoder like her bery soon, and so he tells de trader dat de niggar 'pear bery well, but as for de real work, he got a dozen dat go ahead ob her, and if de gemman want de real workin' niggar, dey step round de oder side de plantation; but de trader, he keep his eye on Phillis, like he understand de business too well to be put off dat way, and he say to massa, tell you what 'tis, mister, dat gal may not hab de genuine work 'bout her now, but if she get tinder old Killall's lash, dar be no trouble bout dat, and den when she good for notin' else, after de work all out ob her, she might keep a little ob her looks, 'nough to make her go for a hundred or so.

Well, den dey gub me anoder glass, and dat wouldn't do; dis here child hab trong head, Massa, werry trong, but he hoped de rum was all out, it was so bad; den dey rejectioned anoder in my face, and I paused and crastimated; sais I, 'Masters, is you done? for dis child was afeard, Massa, if he drank all de bottle empty, dey would tro dat in his face too, so sais I: "'Masters, I preaches under protest, against owners and ship for bandonment; but if I must put to sea, and dis niggar don't know how to steer by lunar compass, here goes. Sais I, 'My dear bredren, and dey all called out: "'You farnal niggar you! do you call us bredren, when you is as black as de debbil's hind leg?

Only to think, sar, dose boys cum back again; dose boys, sar, bress dem, dat jumped into de water and got drowned just to save dis poor niggar, sar. Dey cum back again; only tink ob dat!" The officers looked at one another in surprise.

Dat ole fox arter no good: him heart so black as um skin: dam ole niggar!" Fullalove suggested slily that a person with a dark skin might have a grateful heart: and the colonel, who dealt little in innuendo, said, "Come, don't you be so hard on jet, you ebony!" "Bery well, gemmen," replied Vespasian ceremoniously, and with seeming acquiescence.

"Sorrow, what have you got for us to-day?" "There is the moose-meat, Massa." "Let that hang over the stern, we shall get tired of it." "Den, Massa, dar is de Jesuit-priest; by golly, Massa, dat is a funny name. Yah, yah, yah! dis here niggar was took in dat time. Dat ar a fac." "Well, the turkey had better hang over too." "Sposin' I git you fish dinner to-day, Massa?" "What have you got?"

He says he's tried it faithfully, year in and year out, and he's thoroughly convinced dat de way to make anyting by dis niggar business, is to get de work; if dey wont work widout de whip, why, put it on! get dar steam up some way or oder, and when one lot gibs out, get a fresh stock!

Yes, I know dat I shall meet her dar, and what am better, Phillis am going dar too! only sometimes she get skeered like, when she remember what her ole cotton massa tell her; for he tells her dat de hounds go to dat bright place, afore good for notin' niggar like her get dar; and she's afeared dey remember dar ole habits and hunt her up, for she run away from her ole massa, and gets sabed in dese free states, whar de folks don't mistake poor niggar for someting else dan a man."

"That's the one," said my father, pointing to me, "he has grown considerably since then, but he has not forgotten you." "No indeed I have not," I said, "and now I know who you are, I'm doubly thankful that we fell in with you." "Ah, massa, dis niggar gone coon if you hadn't found him," answered Dio.