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Their backs were turned; but very suddenly Soames put his catalogue before his face, and drawing his hat forward, gazed through the slit between. No mistaking that back, elegant as ever though the hair above had gone grey. Irene! His divorced wife Irene! And this, no doubt, was her son by that fellow Jolyon Forsyte their boy, six months older than his own girl!

There was no mistaking that face among the commonplace faces near it. I had discovered Mrs. Van Brandt! She sat in front but not alone. There was a man in the stall immediately behind her, who bent over her and spoke to her from time to time. She listened to him, so far as I could see, with something of a sad and weary look. Who was the man? I might, or might not, find that out.

It transpired that the luckless deserters from the York Hussars had cut the boat from her moorings in the adjacent harbour, according to their plan, and, with two other comrades who were smarting under ill-treatment from their colonel, had sailed in safety across the Channel. But mistaking their bearings they steered into Jersey, thinking that island the French coast.

There was no mistaking it now: it was a baby-bear, a mere suckling, it was true, a helpless roll of fat and fur, but unmistakably a grizzly cub! I cannot recall any thing more irresistibly ludicrous than its aspect as it slowly raised its small, wondering eyes to mine.

Harker, the City capitalist, by right of countless bills and deeds which your precious son has made over to him." With an exclamation of pain and astonishment, Adrien gazed on the man whom he had so loved and trusted. There was no mistaking the bitter hatred that was in Vermont's tones. At last, his eyes were being opened to the man's true character. Lord Barminster regarded him steadily.

There certainly was Colonel Pendleton, in spotless evening dress; erect, flashing, and indignant; his aquiline nose lifted like a hawk's beak over his quarry, his iron-gray moustache, now white and waxed, parted like a swallow's tail over his handsome mouth, and between him and the astounded "Direction" stood the apparition of the Allee George! There was no mistaking him now.

One of them is said to have named Lorenzo de' Medici as the assassin; and another described him so accurately that there was no mistaking the man.

So I wrote again, and to my surprise The Bradder accepted the invitation and appeared a few days afterwards with no marks of the tourist upon him; for there is no mistaking people who are on walking tours, their anxiety to get on stamps itself upon their faces, and their luggage is generally on their backs or in their pockets.

"It now became evident that my letter had not served its purpose, and I was plunged in despair; the more so since, on this day, I felt again the dreadful impulse to go and look at the pegs on the walls of the closet. There was no mistaking the meaning of that impulse, and each time that I went, I dragged myself away reluctantly, though shivering with horror.

There was no mistaking it for a "pod" of whales, which would have been made up of young males just escaped from maternal protection, and attended by several older individuals of their own sex, acting as trainers and instructors.