I was pulling at a pipe, but the cap'n had the home end of one of Stumpton's cigars harpooned on the little blade of his jackknife, and was busy pumping the last drop of comfort out of it. I never see a man who wanted to get his money's wuth more'n Jonadab, I give you my word, I expected to see him swaller that cigar remnant every minute. And all to once he gives a gurgle in his throat.

He is a caterer and panderer to English hypocrisy. There is nothin' too gross for him to swaller. We call them turkeys; first because they travel so fast for no bird travels hot foot that way, except it be an ostrich and second, because they gobble up every thing that comes in their way.

I come home to wind up the clocks; but I ain't goin' to stand by a town that'll swaller a Memory-o'-Me timekeeper an' murder the old bell. You can say I was here, an' they needn't go to muddyin' up the ponds; but as to their doin's, they can carry 'em out as they may. I've no part nor lot in 'em.". Mary, in the weakness of her kind, was wiser than she knew.

Off I went that evenin' an' asked Almiry Nash ef she'd hev me. No, she wouldn't; I'd shilly-shallyed so long, she'd got tired er waitin' and took tew keepin' company with a doctor daown ter Banggore, where she'd ben visitin' a spell. I didn't find that as hard a nub to swaller, as I'd a thought I would, though Almiry was the richest, pootiest, and good-naterest of the lot.

"Well, THAT'S all right then, thank goodness." Says I, kind of timid-like: "Is something gone wrong?" The king whirls on me and rips out: "None o' your business! You keep your head shet, and mind y'r own affairs if you got any. Long as you're in this town don't you forgit THAT you hear?" Then he says to the duke, "We got to jest swaller it and say noth'n': mum's the word for US."

Why, that ain't a-going to do any good. You got to go all by yourself, to the middle of the woods, where you know there's a spunk-water stump, and just as it's midnight you back up against the stump and jam your hand in and say: 'Barley-corn, barley-corn, injun-meal shorts, Spunk-water, spunk-water, swaller these warts,

'Twas purty quiet for a few minutes after Jonadab had unloaded this yarn. Everybody was busy trying to swaller his share of the statements in it, I cal'late. Peter T. looked at the Cap'n, admiring but reproachful. "Wixon," says he. "I didn't know 'twas in you. Why didn't you tell me?" "Oh," says Jonadab, "I ain't responsible. 'Twas Jule Sparrow that told it to me." "Humph!" says Peter.

As she listened to his description of McGaw when her bid dropped on the table "Lookin' like he'd eat sumpin' he couldn't swaller see?" her face was radiant, and her sides shook with laughter. She had counted upon McGaw falling into her trap, and she was delighted over the success of her experiment. Tom had once before caught him raising a bid when he discovered that but one had been offered.

"Let's stop and hit one up," she whispered feverishly. "I'm dry as a fish." Mr. Terriberry seemed to check himself in midair. "I kin hardly swaller." He led the way to the anteroom and she followed, swaying a little both from the dizzy dance and the effects of previous visits to the punch bowl.

"All these people want something to eat, Sopsy. Let the crew eat in the deck-house for'ad, and bring a lunch into the cabin right off," continued Captain Sullendine. "Yis, sar," replied the cook with emphasis. "Git 'em quicker'n a man kin swaller his own head. Libes dar a man wid soul so dead" "Never mind the varse, Sopsy," interposed the captain. " As never to hisself have said"