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In those few joyous moments the darkness became light, dazzling light, to John Grange; misery, despair, the blank life before him, had dropped away, and the future spread out in a vista wherein hope shone brightly, and all was illumined by the sweet love of a true-hearted woman.

She looked at me keenly; but I was not going to make my moan even to this true-hearted friend. "I hope this act of kindness may leave him so happy that he will give me leave to give away all the unused stuff I see going to waste about the place," I said, a trifle hypocritically.

I am proud to think that you have loved me, Clement Austin; but I am no fitting wife for you!" "You are a noble, true-hearted woman, Margaret; and as such you are a fitting wife for a king. Besides, I am not such a grandee that I need look for high lineage in the wife of my choice.

"Were you, Larry?" said Jane, a gentle tenderness in her smile. "I am glad." Then a silence fell between them for some moments. They were both thinking of the change that was coming to their lives. Larry was wondering how he would ever do without this true-hearted friend whose place in his life he was only discovering now to be so large. He glanced at her.

Although true-hearted, these poor girls were so agonised by suffering and terror that, in a moment of weakness, they disclosed the secret. But even among prison authorities there were found followers of Jesus secretly, however, for fear of the tyrant Queen and one of these sent a swift messenger to Laihova to warn him.

"Chaff's chaff, but you never knew me make light of a good act done by a true-hearted comrade." "All right," says Measles gruffly. "Now, see me pot that sowar. Missed him, I declare!" he exclaimed, as soon as he had fired. "These pieces ain't true. No! hit him! He's down! That's one bairn-killer the less." "Sam," I said just then, "what's that coming up between the huts yonder?"

She has lost her father, and as she sits in her mourning dress she thinks of the past, and is not afraid to tell herself now, that but for her own folly she might have had good, true-hearted Tom Cowell to help her in her trouble; that, grieved as she would have been at her father's loss, she could never have been alone in the world as long as Tom had lived; and now she would be alone for ever, for, disguise it from herself as she had tried to do, she knew she loved Tom still; all other men seemed poor, weak things to her, and for Tom's sake even Mapleton did not seem such a very superior place as it had done, and in consequence, Limeton was not so horrible.

On the whole, a jollier, harder-working, or better-tempered lot than these Negroes it would be hard to desire, and they are as light-hearted, fortunately, as true-hearted, even in the midst of cruel adversities. The condition of a woman slave to which, also, most of what has been said refers is as much behind that of a man-slave as is that of a free-woman behind that of her lord.

One shout of "Hurrah for Old England" burst from the crowd, and hearty English cheers were given, which were caught up and repeated down the crowded streets of Toronto. The shout thrilled through my heart; it told that the flag of England waved over the loyal, true-hearted, and brave; it told of attachment to the constitution and the throne; it told that in our times of difficulty and danger "St.

But, Alice, oh Alice! when I think when I compare him with and may Heaven forgive me for the comparison! when I compare him with the noble, the generous, the delicate, the true-hearted, and intellectual gentleman who has won and retains, and ever will retain, my affections, I am sick almost to death at the contrast. Satan, Alice, is a being whom we detest and fear, but cannot despise.

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