It is so decent of her that I can't say no, though she doesn't really fit in awfully well with the O.U.D.S. people, and the Marlowe Society people, and the others whom I get down for theatricals. In fact, Elizabethan drama isn't really her touch. However, the parish prefers Chloe, I need hardly say. I dined there on Chloe's birthday, October 15th, when we always have a family gathering.

"You must come, Vivian: so make your fellow put your worldly goods into my barouche, which is at the door; and we are to have a great party at Glistonbury, and private theatricals, and the devil knows what; and you must see my little Julia act, and I must introduce you to the Rosamunda. Come, come! you can't refuse me!

Do you know, Vassya, it's awfully stupid of you not to take part in amateur theatricals! You have a remarkable talent! You are much better than Sysunov. There was an amateur called Sysunov who played with us in It's My Birthday. A first-class comic talent, only fancy: a nose as thick as a parsnip, green eyes, and he walks like a crane. . . . We all roared; stay, I will show you how he walks."

The little chorus girls had come to adore Phyllis by this time, the boys were fond of her there was scarcely one of the cast whom she had not helped over or through or under some one of the little hitches incident to private theatricals and the whole cast was on its tiptoes to see her through. There was a new feeling in the thing, that Clarence noticed directly.

This book is called Red Earth. It is by Alice Corbin Henderson. And Santa Fe is full of the glory of a magnificent State Capitol that is an art gallery of the whole southwest, and the glories of the studio of William Penhallow Henderson, who has painted our New Arabia more splendidly than it was ever painted before, with the real character thereof, and no theatricals.

While the Americans were learning endurance in the hard school of Valley Forge the British were having a gay time in Philadelphia. The grave old Quaker town rang with song and laughter as never before. Balls and parties, theatricals and races, followed each other in a constant round of gaiety. And amid this light-hearted jollity Howe seemed to forget all about the war.

"Oh, I have played so often in private theatricals; I have even quite a collection of little pots of color, hare's-feet stumps, pencils, et cetera." "Ah! you have, you rascal! Are you going to the fancy ball at the Embassy to-morrow?" "Yes, aunt; and you, are you going in character?" "One must, since every one else will. They say the effect will be splendid."

A man called Charteris insisted on getting them up always getting up theatricals. Rot, I call it; but you can't stop him. Do you do anything in that line?" "Put me down for what you like, from Emperor of Morocco to Confused Noise Without. I was on the stage once. I'm particularly good at shifting scenery." "Good for you. Well, so long. Two-fifteen from Paddington, remember. I'll meet you there.

Edinburgh Colleagues Farrago vitæ I. The family circle Fleeming and his sons Highland life The cruise of the steam-launch Summer in Styria Rustic manners II. The drama Private theatricals III. Sanitary associations The phonograph IV. Fleeming's acquaintance with a student His late maturity of mind Religion and morality His love of heroism Taste in literature V. His talk His late popularity Letter from M. Trélat.

Indeed, he causes an impression that he has really done something worse than play in amateur theatricals, and even, although an amateur, has appeared in a professional performance. There has been a rather needless fury in his remarks; it is a case doubtless of more sound than sentiment.