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And after much diving Phronsie produced the little silk purse "Polly wants one, Grandpapa," she got up on her tiptoes to whisper confidentially. "Oh, is that it?" said Mr. King. "Well, now, Phronsie, I don't really believe Polly wants one. You would better ask her. If she wants one you shall buy it for her." So Phronsie ran off. "Do you, Polly?

The Sergeant More stepped softly on his tiptoes six steps into the kitchen, then six steps noisily back again and put his head in. "What's your will, Captain?" said he, polishing a tray with the corner of his brattie. "Give this boy some dinner, for me," said the Paymaster. "There is nothing at our place to-day but herrings, and it's the poorest of meals for melancholy.

Maybe it was an hour I stood there, and maybe it was only a minute; but at last I takes one wild look around over that girl convention and then I backs out. I'd seen him, though. Way over by an open window on the other side was Mr. Robert, one of the four men in that whole crowd. So out the front door I rushes and then tiptoes around the veranda until I came to him.

Don't you dare stumble while you're carrying that tube. If you do, you'll never do it again!" "By golly, Massa Tom! I I's gwine t' walk on mah tiptoes all de way!" Thus Eradicate answered the young inventor, while the giant, Koku, who was carrying a heavy case, nodded his head to show that he understood the danger of his task.

"Do you suppose they took our rowboat along?" came from Tom. "I shouldn't wonder. We can Hist! somebody is coming!" Dick was right; Captain Langless was descending the companion way. On tiptoes the three boys hurried to the door leading to the hold. As they flung it back they found themselves confronted by Arnold Baxter and Dan.

Dingolfinger and stood on tiptoes, as curious as curious could be, and looked over his arm when he wrote out his prescriptions. The Goose Man was a little fellow: he hardly reached up to the doctor’s hips. He hopped around Agnes when she cooked the soup and expressed his sympathy for her; she looked so pale.

That blue patch filled us with rapture, for it was the sky. We stretched ourselves and stood on tiptoes to breathe more freely. Then we distinguished some black specks moving about, specks that must surely be workmen about to deliver us. A furious clamor arose. The cry "Saved! Saved!" burst from every mouth, while trembling arms were uplifted toward the tiny azure patch above.

"Beloved," said her worshipper, with a clouded smile, as he let her down from her tiptoes, "do you know you took that as though you were thinking of something else?" "Did I? Oh, I didn't mean to." Such a reply only darkened the cloud. "Of whom were you thinking, Isabel?" She blushed.

Our friend Ernest raised himself on his tiptoes, in hopes to get a glimpse of the celebrated guest; but there was a mighty crowd about the tables anxious to hear the toasts and speeches, and to catch any word that might fall from the general in reply; and a volunteer company, doing duty as a guard, pricked ruthlessly with their bayonets at any particularly quiet person among the throng.

Indeed, in body and in mind likewise, he was upon tiptoes the whole day long. His entrance into the room where the lady was, roused her at once from the reverie into which she had fallen; and taking up the letter from the ground, she turned to see who it was that came in.