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On the 6th of October, Captain Roe forwarded to me the following communication: Surveyor-General's Office, Perth, 6th October, 1870. Sir,

When he reached Virginia, his old friend Goodman said, "Sam, you don't need anybody to introduce you," and he suggested a novel plan. That night, when the curtain rose, it showed Mark Twain seated at a piano, playing and singing, as if still cub pilot on the "John J. Roe:" "Had an old horse whose name was Methusalem, Took him down and sold him in Jerusalem, A long time ago."

'Why, yes: considering that John Doe and Richard Roe never made their personal appearance in any court in the kingdom, were never once met, in house, street, or field, in public, or in private, nay had never yet the good luck to be born, they have really done a deal of business. 'They resemble Legion, entering the swine: they plunge whole herds into the depths of destruction.

Since, from the nature of circumstances, this is impossible, it seems to me in better taste to consider the "author called Roe" in an objective, rather than in a friendly and subjective sense. In other words, I shall try to look at him from the public point of view, and free myself from some predisposition in his favor shared by his friends.

But the King married the white and beautiful bride, and rewarded her faithful brother, and made him a rich and distinguished man. 136 Iron John THERE was once on a time a King who had a great forest near his palace, full of all kinds of wild animals. One day he sent out a huntsman to shoot him a roe, but he did not come back.

Everything possible had been done to gain a clue, but there was not the slightest thing upon which to hang the faintest suspicion. Major Andrews, stepping in front of the table, then requested permission to ask Mr. Roe a few questions simply for information. This permission was at once granted. "Mr. Roe," asked the chief, "what was the general appearance of this money?

At Knocknacloy he had the center of his army protected by the hill, the right by a marsh, and the left by the river, so that, a flanking movement on Monroe's part being impossible, the Scottish general was forced to make a frontal attack. Under cover of the rearguard action at the pass, which caused both delay and confusion to Monroe's army, Owen Roe formed his men in order of battle.

"Well, I have. Even this call was to be a good-by if I went." "Oh, Hugh! But I really thought in spite of my teasing that you had settled down, this time." "Yes, so did I," sighed the man, a little soberly. "But I guess it's no use, Billy. Oh, I'm coming back, of course, and link arms again with their worthy Highnesses, John Doe and Richard Roe; but just now I've got a restless fit on me.

The speed of Modred was like the roe upon the mountains; every moment he gained upon the daughter of Cadwallo. But now the object of his pursuit vanished from his sight, and eluded his eager search. In vain he explored every thicket, and surveyed all the paths of the forest. While he was thus employed, on a sudden there burst from a cave a hungry and savage wolf; it was the daughter of Cadwallo.

"She must be dead," answered the slave, and pressed him, half with prayers and entreaties, and half with force, to take flight. Jussuf hastened through the garden into the wood which joined it, and ran like a startled roe urged forward by terror and dread of its pursuers. The wood covered his flight. He came to the river below the capital, and found a ship about to go down the stream.

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