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"Toothpick Kid is here," said he, "and Limber Jim, and the Doughie. You'd think he'd stay away after the trouble he I expect that pinto is Jerky Bill's." "Go home!" said a hearty voice. McLean eagerly turned. For the moment his face lighted from its sombreness. "I'd forgot you'd be here," said he. And he sprang to the ground. "It's fine to see you."

Snow and sun had coloured his clear complexion. John, who saw beneath tanned skins, reflected that Warde seemed to be saturated with fresh air and all the sweet clean things which one associates with mountains. "He loves hills," thought John, "and he loves our Hill." Warde began to speak in his jerky, confidential tones. Dirty Dick had always been insufferably dull, pompous, and didactic.

"It it was a long time ago," says Jonesey. "Perdone," breaks in Don Pedro. "Were you not known as Señor El Capitan?" "Me?" says Jonesey. "Why I some might have called me that." "Great guns!" I gasps. "See here, Jonesey; you don't mean to say you've got the ring too?" "The ring?" says he, tryin' to look blank. But at the same time I notice his hand go up to his shirt front sort of jerky.

In a solemn but jerky voice he said, "Hoc est enim corpus meum," then, instead of kneeling, after the consecration, before the precious Body, he faced the congregation, and appeared tumefied, haggard, dripping with sweat. He staggered between the two choir boys, who, raising the chasuble, displayed his naked belly. Docre made a few passes and the host sailed, tainted and soiled, over the steps.

There comes a forcedness, a play of jerky effort and grimaces, the fight against those younger than ourselves, and envy. "Froken...." I ask this of her now with all my heart. "Froken, couldn't you ring up Fru Falkenberg and get her to come round here now?" She thinks for a moment. "Yes, we will," she says generously. We go out to the telephone, ring up the Victoria: Fruen is there.

For a moment it was motionless; the engine had been stopped, and all was silent except for the gentle rustling of the cane in the field. The unknown operator did not change his position in the slightest. Then the craft began to move over the surface, in a jerky, lurching fashion which indicated a very rough piece of ground.

Victim of a devouring ambition that will not let him rest till either legs or wings will bear him, he scrambles out upon his native tree, stretches, plumes a little in a jerky, hurried way, and then boldly launches out in the air alas! to come flop to the ground, where he is an easy prey to boys and cats, both of whom are particularly fond of young mocking-birds.

It was Saltash who, with that royal air of amusing himself, stooped to the handle and started the engine. The girl at the wheel did not even thank him. She looked beyond. Only as he stood aside and the car slid forward, she turned stiffly to Bunny. "Good-bye!" she said. He made a jerky movement. Their eyes met for a single second. "You will write?" he said.

"Especially as you can be sure we girls wouldn't understand the least thing about it if it has anything to do with machinery," put in Alice, laughing. "Well, it is something about machinery," admitted Russ. "It is something new to go on moving picture machines, to steady the film as it moves behind the lens. You've often noticed how jerky the pictures are at times?" he asked.

Himalayan barbets go about in small flocks, the members of which call out in chorus. They keep to the top of high trees, where, as has been said, they are not easily distinguished from the foliage. When perched they have a curious habit of wagging the tail from side to side, as a dog does, but with a jerky, mechanical movement. Their flight is noisy and undulating, like that of a woodpecker.