And I felt at once tranquil and elated, as when something is met with which rouses and fascinates in a man all his faculties. "For," I thought, "if it is ridiculous in me to despise my friend that perfect marvel of disharmony it is ridiculous in me to despise anything.

Let a great grasshopper chance to come by: the Mantis follows it with its glance, glides between the leaves, and suddenly rises up before it; "and then assumes its spectral pose, which terrifies and fascinates the prey; the wing-covers open, the wings spring to their full width, forming a vast pyramid which dominates the back; a sort of swishing sound is heard, like the hiss of a startled adder; the murderous fore-limbs open to their full extent, forming a cross with the body, and exhibiting the axillae ornamented with eyes vaguely resembling those of the peacock's tail, part of the panoply of war, concealed upon ordinary occasions.

"All his portraits seem to proclaim what a gentleman he is, and how he fascinates women! They're not pictures of Mrs. or Miss So-and-so, but simply of the impression Popple thinks he's made on them." Mrs. Fairford smiled. "I've sometimes thought," she mused, "that Mr. Popple must be the only gentleman I know; at least he's the only man who has ever told me he was a gentleman and Mr.

Mallet, is n't it a mighty comfort that it 's we who have turned him out?" "Between ourselves," said Rowland, "he has disappointed me." Singleton stared, open-mouthed. "Dear me, what did you expect?" "Truly," said Rowland to himself, "what did I expect?" "I confess," cried Singleton, "I can't judge him rationally. He fascinates me; he 's the sort of man one makes one's hero of."

We despatch men to a frontier war, but we know little about their wounds. And yet, as of old, our martial ardour is aroused and we glow with patriotic pride when a regiment of soldiers marches past to the sound of music. As of old, the thought of any great European war excites us, even fascinates us.

One day, when I accused myself to my confessor of having cursed my life, he pointed to the skies, where grew, he said, the promised palm for the "Beati qui lugent" of the Saviour. From the period of my first communion I flung myself into the mysterious depths of prayer, attracted to religious ideas whose moral fairyland so fascinates young spirits.

We may not always think him fair, or a sound reasoner, but he is conciliatory, temperate, and often fearlessly candid. He addresses readers who will challenge and examine what he says, not those whose minds are cowed and beaten down before audacity in proportion to its coolness, and whom paradox, the more extreme the better, fascinates and drags captive.

It fascinates me, prince. I have always been an artist in the depths of my soul, I assure you, Evgenie Pavlovitch." "Do you mean to say," cried Gania, from the other corner, "do you mean to say that railways are accursed inventions, that they are a source of ruin to humanity, a poison poured upon the earth to corrupt the springs of life?"

Perhaps you would care to become a member?" "Please, sir " said Spiller. "One moment, Spiller. Do you want to join, Smith?" "Intensely, sir. Archaeology fascinates me. A grand pursuit, sir." "Undoubtedly, Smith. I am very pleased, very pleased indeed. I will put down your name at once." "And Jackson's, sir." "Jackson, too!" Mr. Outwood beamed. "I am delighted. Most delighted. This is capital.

"Because," said the dear hussy, demurely, "I don't know." Laurence's arms fell to his sides, helplessly; he craned his neck and stared. "Mary Virginia!" said he, in a breathless whisper. Mary Virginia nodded. "It's really none of your business, you know," she explained sweetly; "but as you've asked me, why, I'll tell you. That same question plagues and fascinates me, too, Laurence.