I ignore the pigs, but I pacify local prejudice by buying two gingerbread sailors a Russian and a French shaking hands in symbolisation of the Russo-French alliance, and I further prove myself a patriot by throwing bright wooden balls into the mouth of a great-faced German, for which I receive the guerdon of a paper rose and a Berlin wool monkey.

I warrant she is by this time laughing with some clown she has encountered; and my rich chain will prove a good dowry. And ought it not to prove so? and has she not deserved it, were it ten times more valuable? Piercie Shafton! Piercie Shafton! dost thou grudge thy deliverer the guerdon she hath so dearly won?

These last words he pronounced with great emphasis. The Constable paced the floor impatiently, and muttered to himself, "Such is the airy guerdon for which hosts on hosts have been drawn from Europe to drench the sands of Palestine with their gore such the vain promises for which we are called upon to barter our country, our lands, and our lives!"

Dry thine eyes, for they will be here shortly." Kriemhild had not heard such good news for many a day. She wiped her bright eyes with her snow-white apron, and began to thank the envoy for his message. So ended her sorrow and her tears. She bade Siegfried sit, whereto he was nothing loth, and said sweetly, "I would fain give thee the envoy's guerdon, wert thou not too rich to receive it.

And never to the sacred contests of Dionysus comes any man that is skilled to raise the shrill sweet song, but Ptolemy gives him a guerdon worthy of his art. And the interpreters of the Muses sing of Ptolemy, in return for his favours. Nay, what fairer thing might befall a wealthy man, than to win a goodly renown among mortals?

What was given to you to cherish tenderly, you can not confide to another without angering him who bestowed the guerdon upon you." Just at that moment she thought of the star, her lover's first memento, with which she had parted from weakness, though with a good intention. The misfortune which she was now enduring had grown out of this lamentable yielding. No!

But with a beautiful bride and one hundred thousand francs as my goal I would have worked in a coal mine or on the galleys for such a guerdon. The task, I must tell you, was terribly irksome to a man of my sensibilities, endowed with an active mind and a vivid imagination.

Most earnestly and courteously did the Knight urge her acceptance of the proposed guerdon, but on this point Mysie was resolute; feeling, perhaps, that to accept of any thing bearing the appearance of reward, would be to place the service she had rendered him on a mercenary footing.

Round about him the waters thundered, but amidst their roar he dreamed that he heard a voice calling: "Be of good cheer, Eric Brighteyes; for thou shalt live to do mightier deeds than this, and in guerdon thou shalt win Gudruda." So he paused no longer, but, shortening up the rope, pulled on it with all his strength, and then leapt out upon the arch of waters.

They were formulated, not as the guerdon for her heroic defense of civilization, but as a plain corollary flowing direct from each and every principle officially recognized by the heads of the Conference right, nationality, legitimate guarantees, and economic requirements.