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=Twenty Thousand Manuscript Corrections=, With a History of the Stage to the Time, an Introduction to each Play, a Life of the Poet, etc. Cloth $4.00. The =WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE= the same as the above. Uniform in Size with the celebrated Chiswick Edition, 8 vols. 16mo, cloth $6.00. Half calf or moroc. extra.

Small 16mo, buckram, with frontispieces. 75 cents each. By ANTHONY HOPE. Pronounced by George Meredith the best examples of modern dialogue. By ANTHONY HOPE. A romance of adventure in modern France. By MARIA BEALE. A dramatic story of the North Carolina coast. Fourth edition. By ANTHONY HOPE. The adventures of a young poet in Market Denborough. With a portrait and account of the author.

The Science of Education and Art of Teaching. In Two Parts. By John Ogden, A.M. Cincinnati. Moore, Wilstach, & Keys. 12mo. pp. 478. $1.25. Observations on the Growth of the Mind. By Sampson Reed. Fifth Edition. Boston. Crosby, Nichols, & Co. 16mo. pp. 99. 50 cts. Italy and the War of 1859.

Primary History of the United States, made Easy and Interesting for Beginners. By G.P. Quackenboss, A.M. New York. D. Appleton & Co. small 4to. pp. 192. 38 cts. An Eye-Opener for the Wide-Awakes. By Elizur Wright. Boston. Thayer & Eldridge. 16mo. paper. pp. 59. 10 cts. Address of the Free Constitutionalists to the People of the United States. Boston. Thayer & Eldridge. 8vo. paper. 25 cts. Poems.

Walker, Wise, & Co. 16mo. pp. 132. 50 cts. Sermons preached in the Chapel of Harvard College. By James Walker, D.D. Boston. Ticknor & Fields. 12mo. pp. vi., 397. $1.50. Lady Maud, the Wonder of Kingswood Chase; or, Earl Gower; or, The Secret Marriage. By Pierce Egan. Only Complete and Unabridged Edition. Philadelphia. T.B. Peterson & Brothers. 8vo. pp. 365. $1.25.

But nearly concurrent with Soyer's book appeared one of humble pretensions, yet remarkable for its lucidity and precision, Eliza Acton's "Modern Cookery in all its Branches reduced to an easy practice," 16mo, 1845. I have heard this little volume highly commended by competent judges as exactly what it professes to be; and the quantities in the receipts are particularly reliable.

Boston: Ticknor & Fields. 1860. Author's Edition. 16mo. pp. 526. This is a reprint of a remarkable book.

Relation des Premiers Voyages de la Compagnée des Indes, faits en l'Isle de Madagascar. Par de Rennefort. Paris, 1668. 16mo.

*Next to Miss Alcott's famous "Little Women" series they easily rank, and no books that have appeared in recent times may be more safely put into the hands of a bright, intelligent girl than these four "Queen Hildegarde" books. By Laura E. Richards. A companion to "Queen Hildegarde," etc. Illustrated from original designs. Square 16mo, cloth. $1.25.

By Henry J. Macdonald, late of Corpus-Christi College, Oxford. New York. Rudd & Carleton. 12mo. pp. 318. $1.00. Igdrasil; or the Tree of Existence. By James Challen. Philadelphia. Lindsay & Blakiston. 12mo. pp. 170. $1.00. Life of Mahomet. By Edward Gibbon. New York. Delisser & Proctor. 16mo. pp. 236. 50 cts. Proverbial and Moral Thoughts. In a Series of Essays. By Charles Henry Hanger. Boston.

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