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It's powerful pleasant ter be a-meetin' of folks hyar this hyar stranger this evenin' " his gleaming teeth in the semi-obscurity notified Yerby that a smile of spurious politeness was bent upon him, and he made haste to grin very widely in response "an' that thar fiddle 'minds me o' how unexpected 'twar whenst I met up with Lee-yander hyar 'pears ter me, Bob, ez ye air goin' ter diddle the life out'n his fiddle an' Hilary jes begged an' beseeched me ter take the boy with me ter help 'round the mill, ez he war a-runnin' away.

Terrified at the prospect of such a future, I had recourse once more to the only Being from whom I could hope to receive strength to bear it, and devoutly bent down in prayer. I beseeched the Father of mercies to befriend my poor deserted Piero, even as myself, and to support his family no less than my own. By constant repetition of prayers like these, I became perfectly calm and resigned.

Mutely he beseeched her and Gloria, instantly cheered, vowed to be more careful. But because a discourteous street-car persisted callously in remaining upon its track Gloria ducked down a side-street and thereafter that afternoon was never able to find her way back to the Post Road. The street they finally mistook for it lost its Post-Road aspect when it had gone five miles from Cos Cob.

But the damned say, Nay; as if he had said, This is the thing. To be short, my brethren are unbelievers, and do not regard the Word of God. I know it by myself, for when I was in the world, it was so with me; many a good sermon did I hear, many a time was I admonished, desired, entreated, beseeched, threatened, forewarned of what I now suffer; but alas!

The gray-haired governor of the fortress reserved for himself and his four sons the duty of accepting the challenge; the Infanta beseeched him in vain to desist from his enterprise, but he was firm: his mistress's honour was at stake.

"I'm afraid so," he answered; and then we turned to the window again, except Denny, who wasted some energy and made a useless din by battering at the door, till we beseeched him to let it alone. There we sat for nearly two hours. Darkness fell, the women had ceased their gossiping, but still stood about the street, and in the doorways of the house.

But I gin him such a talkin' to that I brung him to a sense of his sinful talk, and right then while he wuz conscience smut for as much as seven minutes, I brung him round to the idee of buildin' the house. But it wuz a gradual bringin'. Of course he begged and beseeched to build it on Coney Island. Sez he, "I wouldn't begrech the money but spend it lavish, if the house sot there.

And again he tells how a "devout, venerable, hoary-headed man" thus beseeched her: "'I beg for the unfortunate. Good my lady, 'tis for a prison for an hospital; 'tis for an old man a poor man undone by shipwreck, by suretyship, by fire. I call God and all His angels to witness, 'tis to clothe the naked, to feed the hungry 'tis to comfort the sick and the brokenhearted. The Lady Baussiere rode on.

But immediately afterwards it gave a little, piteous whimper. "Take Uvin Chal!" it beseeched Bud with voice and starlike blue eyes together. "Take!" There was that in the baby's tone, in the unbaby-like insistence of its bright eyes, which compelled obedience. Bud had never taken a baby of that age in his arms.

The lad was about seventeen years old, very handsome, modest, sensible, and well-bred, but mightily concerned for the loss of his honoured mother, having lost his father at Barbadoes but a few months before. He beseeched the surgeon to intercede with me to take him out of the ship; for that the sailors, not sparing a small sustenance, had starved his mother.