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"God forgive him!" said the weaver. "I don't know what will become of you all, when I'm gone; and no one to befriend you, or even to work at the loom. Anne, I think if I was up," said he, raising himself, "I could still contrive to do a little good." "Dear father, don't think of getting up; the best you can do for us is to lie still and take rest." "Rest! I can take no rest, Anne.

Lightly and at random though she spoke, her manner conveyed an extraordinary degree of sympathy and desire to befriend. "Jane Austen? I don't like Jane Austen," said Rachel. "You monster!" Clarissa exclaimed. "I can only just forgive you. Tell me why?" "She's so so well, so like a tight plait," Rachel floundered. "Ah I see what you mean. But I don't agree. And you won't when you're older.

She led him out to the sweet-apple tree, and introduced him to the calf and the bantams, and invited him to go with them nutting the next day. "We're all going in a great, big picnic wagon. Everybody's going and we'll have just lots of fun." And he accepted, provided she would sit beside him all the way. Bobby decided at this point that he also would befriend the young man.

On this subject, he was influenced by a consideration of the Lady Blanche's welfare, still more than by either a wish to oblige her, or to befriend the orphan Emily, for whom, however, he felt considerably interested. On the following morning, Emily was too much fatigued to appear; but Mons.

You see what she says: "A boy is coming to Mr Leicester's House this term, whom I particularly wish you to befriend. He is the son of a great friend of a friend of mine, and is a nice, bright little fellow, very jolly and full of spirits."

"Go, Monsieur! and the God of St. Louis befriend you!" "Stop!" said Monsieur Margot, "let me fetch my coat: the night is cold, and my dressing-gown thin." "Nay, nay, my Chevalier," returned the dame, "I love you in that gown: it gives you an air of grace and dignity, quite enchanting." "It will give me my death of cold, Madame," said Monsieur Margot, earnestly.

Rowland had come back with all his patience rekindled, but these words gave it an almost fatal chill. "Heaven forgive you!" he cried bitterly. "My idea has been simply this. Try, in decency, to understand it. I have tried to befriend you, to help you, to inspire you with confidence, and I have failed.

Nathan called the colt, which was of the feminine gender, Pat, because its upper lip was so long, and that too the girl enjoyed, and entered into the joke by softening the name to Patsie. They were good friends. Having decided to befriend her, the man's interest in her increased. She was to be theirs. The sense of possession grew with both husband and wife.

Sinclair, and all their acquaintances, of the same mind. Other artifices of his. Could he have been admitted in her hours of dishabille and heedlessness, he had been long ago master of his wishes. His view in getting her to a play: a play, and a collation afterwards, greatly befriend a lover's designs; and why. She consents to go with him to see the tragedy of Venice Preserved.

He is a gentleman and a gallant swordsman, and I writhe under the fear that he believes that attack was of my contriving." There was the genuine ring of truth in the Baron's words. Frina Mavrodin was not surprised. She believed that she thoroughly understood him, or would not have visited him. "You would befriend Captain Ellerey were it in your power?" she questioned.

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