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Ted reassured him though. Ted, stumbling out of the dining-room, with a mixture of would-be unconcern, compound embarrassment and complete though suppressed fury at Oliver on his face. It was hardly either just or moral, Oliver reflected, that Mrs. Severance should be the only one of them to seem completely at her ease.

Orsino affected to gaze upon the portrait with unconcern, but in reality he was oddly fascinated by it, and Gouache did not fail to see the truth. "You had better go away, my friend," he said, with a smile. "She will be here in a few minutes and you will certainly lose your heart if you see her." "What is her name?" asked Orsino, paying no attention to the remark.

"Those who remember this express at York in the icy winter of 1879-80, when the few travelers who did not remain thawing themselves at the waiting-room fires used to stamp up and down a sawdusted platform, under a darkened roof, while day after day the train came gliding in from Grantham with couplings like wool, icicles pendent from the carriage eaves, and an air of punctual unconcern; or those who have known some of our other equally sterling trains these will hardly mind if friendship does let them drift into exaggeration when speaking of expresses."

How can an institution, or a system of theological beliefs with cast-iron prejudices, cast-iron fidelity to issues long past and forgotten, cast-iron unconcern of vital issues of the life of today and cast-iron want of sympathy with the living who toil and fight and die on every side how can such speak the great loving, sympathetic, helpful spirit of Him whose name only it bears, as that bears only the name of my friend?

Indeed, she would have willingly been laughed at indefinitely, if thus she could herself hear these young voices gay with the old-time unconcern. "And Adrian was good to the poor, wild things. Well, I have hopes of Adrian. He didn't have the right sort of rearing to know how the forest people feel, but he learned fast. I'm thankful, thankful, Pierre Ricord, that you had to lose those fine antlers.

Up and down the road groups of Federal horsemen trotted with cheerful unconcern, and now and then a private paused to make a remark in friendly tones; but the men beneath the bushes only stared with hollow eyes in answer the blank stare of the defeated who have put their whole strength into the fight.

Whether Cynthia surreptitiously stole one has never been discovered. So Christmas came and went: not altogether unhappily, deferring for a day at least the knotty problems of life. Although Cynthia accepted the present of the roses with such magnificent unconcern, and would not make so much as a guess as to who sent them, Mr. Robert Worthington was frequently in her thoughts.

"I play," said G.J. modestly. "But no better than I ought." "You might care to make a fourth this afternoon, in the card-room." "I should have been delighted to, but I've got one of these war-committees at six o'clock." Again he spoke with careful unconcern, masking a considerable self-satisfaction. The great dim place was full, but crowding had not been permitted.

She received the missive with a vacant unconcern. It was addressed to "John Gourlay, Esquire." She turned it over in a silly puzzlement, and, "Janet!" she cried, "what am I to do wi' this?" She shrank from opening a letter addressed to her dead tyrant, unless she had Janet by her side. "It's to faither," said Janet. "Shall I waken John?" "No; puir fellow, let him sleep," said his mother.

He turned his head and walked to the window and looked out, assuming an air of unconcern which I knew hid some deep-seated emotion. I, too, was silent. It was a fine moment for us both. He turned into the room after awhile with an air of gayety. "We're going to have a party, Roger." "Ah, when?"