When he was comfortably settled, he explained his uneasiness. "I see I've got to tell you," said he, "for I don't want you to think me a shouting ass. The fact is my wife wants to get a divorce from me and to soak me for big alimony. She's a woman who'll do anything to gain her end, and well, for some reason she's always been jealous of you.

If he happens to be made, all well and good; if not, why, I'll undertake to make him. And that's a bargain. I don't want any alimony money in the Killigrew family." She kissed him again and went into her bedroom. Kind-hearted, impulsive old dad!

A good cook, a good wife and a good job will make a good home anywhere; but you add your mother-in-law, and the first thing you know you've got two homes, and one of them is being run on alimony. You want to remember that, beside your mother-in-law, you're a comparative stranger to your wife.

That is about the last thing I would think of preying on, but a man must eat something. Before closing this brief and incomplete account as a guest at Ludlow Street Jail I ought, in justice to my family, to say, perhaps, that I came down this morning to see a friend of mine who is here because he refuses to pay alimony to his recreant and morbidly sociable wife.

"Why," answered my associate, "these are the papers I propose to use on a motion for counsel fee and alimony in a divorce action brought against Mr. Chester Gates, a broker downtown and, I may add, a very rich and respectable young gentleman.

"Well, as you wish it then, I shall bring suit for divorce and alimony against Horace Endicott, and have the papers served on Arthur Dillon. He can ignore them or make his reply. In either case he must be brought to make affidavit that he is not the man you look for." "And the others? The priest and Mrs. Dillon?" asked Edith. "They are of no consequence," was Sonia's opinion.

No limited divorce; but wife has an action for alimony without divorce for adultery, any gross neglect of duty, desertion, separation on account of ill treatment by husband, habitual drunkenness, sentence and imprisonment in penitentiary. LABOUR LAWS: No child under 14 may work in a mine. Children must go to school between 8 and 14.

Well, the question I am trying to solve is why did she say: 'No alimony!" "'No alimony'?" repeated the colonel, puzzled. "Yes. Just that. As you may have guessed, it's a divorce case I have just finished, and so quietly that it hasn't become public property yet. When it does it will create a sensation." "No alimony, eh? I suppose the lady there is a lady in it, of course?" questioned the colonel.

In accordance with our usual custom, I have already met your wife at a bridge party, and I might say that she is crazy about me. Now, sir, for double the price of my regular fee and a small annual stipend, which is about half the alimony you might have to pay, I will agree to marry and take her off your hands in six months, making you happy for the rest of your life. Sign here, please. Thank you."

The divorce court ended the arrangement, and Canby had the privilege of paying a king's ransom in alimony into one of Boston's first families. Petty, unscrupulous, overbearing, Canby never attributed his failure to the proper cause, which was his unpleasant personality, but regarded it as a conspiracy on the part of Society to defeat him in his ambition and accordingly came to hate it.