What's the matter? Couldn't you dam the river?" "Oh, yes. The Nettle River presents no serious engineering problem. I spent four months on the ground and reported it favorably, and then all of a sudden, I was informed that the project had been abandoned, at least for the present. The trouble, I presume, was in the financing. It certainly was not because of any physical obstacles."

I tried, however, taking botany as my guide; it suggested to me, as substitutes for the mulberry, the members of closely-related families: the elm, the nettle-tree, the nettle, the pellitory. Their nascent leaves, chopped small, were offered to the Silk-worms. Other and far less logical attempts were made, in accordance with the inspiration of the individuals. Nothing came of them.

U clinging desperately to his Alpen-stock with one hand, whilst with the other he helps me on to the board; and Nettle, my dear little terrier, standing shivering on three legs, sniffing distrustfully at the sledge. It is extremely difficult even to take one's place on a board a dozen inches wide.

We take our pleasures differently; mine are spontaneous, and I know nothing about translating the rank smell of a nettle into the fragrance of a rose, and then enjoying it. Mr Meredith's conception of life is crooked, ill-balanced, and out of tune. What remains? a certain lustiness.

She turned with a defying look towards us; at which Harry began to laugh, and said, 'How about the rose I had one night from Mistress Althea Dacre? it is a rose yet dry and faded truly; but it has not turned into a nettle. 'Be generous, she said, blushing; 'do not remind me of that; I spoke of it in the days of my folly.

During the night I talked long with Joe Punchard about our course. The good fellow was very uneasy, fearing that when it came to negotiating for a boat our scheme would break down. "Pluck up heart, Joe," I said. "I own we are running a desperate hazard, but so far we have had good luck, and 'tis a case of grasping the nettle boldly." "But what reason can we give for hiring a boat, sir?

"But lily, rose, or flower, that blows In India's garden, on thy breast Must meet its death by breathing sweets Where it were ecstasy to rest. "A blossom from a nettle ta'en. Is in thy beauteous bosom bound, Born amid stings, it gives no pain, 'Tis sweetness among venom found." Acota was silent.

Phocion, to one who interrupted his speaking by injurious and very opprobrious words, made no other return than silence, and to give him full liberty and leisure to vent his spleen; which he having accordingly done, and the storm blown over, without any mention of this disturbance, he proceeded in his discourse where he had left off before. No answer can nettle a man like such a contempt.

Hector, who had got his hand wet, was crying out that he had been bitten by a scorpion, forgetting how he had been stung by a nettle the previous morning.

In the years 1877 and 1878, the pheasant preserves of Fontainebleau were ravaged by gapes. The disease was there arrested and totally cured, when a mixture, consisting of yolks of eggs, boiled bullock's heart, stale bread crumbs, and leaves of nettle, well mixed and pounded together with garlic, was given, in the proportion of one clove to ten young pheasants.