The Minnesota Venture Canadian Pacific Syndicate The Contract Political Opposition Terms of the Contract Organizing the Company Financing Construction In the months and years that followed, no men were so much in the mind and speech of the Canadian public as the members of the new syndicate. The leading members were a remarkable group of men.

It seemed to him that the idea the financing of a revolution was of course a joke might be worked out with reference to some country nearer at hand, the geographical conditions of which would be sufficiently well known without the aid of a map. "Why not try Ireland?" he said. Then a very curious thing happened.

These principles place paramount the fact that housing construction and financing for the overwhelming majority of our citizens should be done by private enterprise.

But it is rather too large for us, I'm afraid, and there are too many contingencies. Your province, I understand, is the building and operating of railroads, and it is nothing to your discredit that you are unfamiliar with the difficulties of financing an undertaking as vast as this proposal of yours." "I don't deny the difficulties," said Ford. "But they wouldn't seem to be insuperable."

"He ought to be, but he isn't. That son of his has bin eating him up, slow an' fast, for th' last ten years. The turnover of his trade is big enough, but the whole management of it has gone end-ways. From a man working with capital he's come down to a man financing things from hand to mouth.

Pat tapped the dottle from his pipe and refilled the bowl. He glanced once or twice at the engineer during the act. "You can make a better showing now than before," said he. "Four miles more and you'll be to the good. One of the excitements of construction enterprises, and of irrigation projects in particular, I've observed, is the financing.

The hotels were thronged with people. The restaurants were noisy with agitated talkers. Douglas' name was on every one's tongue. Volunteers had been called for. But Illinois could send but three regiments; she offered six to the cause. Many companies were refused. I organized a company, financing it myself. But it could not be taken, and I joined the army under the colonelcy of John J. Hardin.

"I guess I can settle my affairs all right. I've only got to pack a grip and tip the bell hops. And as Scobell seems to be financing this show, perhaps it's up to me to step lively if he wants it. But it's a pity. I was just beginning to like this place. There is generally something doing along the White Way after twilight, Crump." The gravity of Mr.

From July, 1917, to June, 1918, 4102 enemy machines were destroyed or brought down with a loss of 1213 machines. Besides financing her own war costs she had by October, 1917, loaned eight hundred million dollars to the Dominions and five billion five hundred million to the Allies. She raised five billion in thirty days.

British capital, moreover, no longer found so ready an outlet in the United States, which was now financing its own development; and it had suffered severe losses in Argentine smashes and Australian droughts. Capital, therefore, was free to turn to Canada. But it was not enough merely to have the resources; it was essential to display them and to disclose their value.