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Gape followed in line, bearing also their own glasses, and maintaining the dignity of their profession under circumstances of some difficulty. "Gentlemen, I really am sorry for this little accident," said Mr. Crump, as they were passing the bar; "but a lawyer, you know " "And such a lawyer, eh, Crump?" said Moulder.

Crump knew how much Foresta's heart had always been set on a fine wedding, and she knew that Foresta was making that sacrifice for her sake. "My sweet Foresta, you have been such a dear child God will reward you," said Mrs. Crump, burying her head on Foresta's shoulder. "This is not what I had planned for my darling; but God knows what's best. His will be done."

Woolsey to his ally, Crump, as they sat together after the retirement of the ladies. "She was dumb all night. She never once laughed at the farce, nor cried at the tragedy, and you know she laughs and cries uncommon. She only took half her negus, and not above a quarter of her beer." "No more she did!" replied Mr. Crump, very calmly.

Foresta paused and her mother said, "Go on; I am listening." "He had dark purposes, mama," said Foresta. "Yes," said Mrs. Crump, rather feebly, fearful of what was to come. Foresta, detecting considerable anxiety in her mother's voice, looked up quickly. "Now, mama, don't look so scared and troubled; it isn't anything awful, now." So saying, she buried her face again and continued her recital.

Camilla did not love Mr. Crump, but there was no other house except that of Mr. Crump's at Gloucester to which she might be sent, if it could be arranged that Mr. Gibson and Bella should be made one. Mrs. French took her eldest daughter's advice, and went to Mr. Gibson; taking Mr. Crump's letter in her pocket.

If a colored girl is insulted by a white man and a colored man resents it, the colored man is lynched." Mrs. Crump let a tear drop and it fell on Foresta's cheek. Foresta felt the tear and raised herself and said. "Now, you bad mama, you! What's the use crying? I'll take care of myself," a fierce gleam coming into her pretty eyes.

Crump, poor fellow, was not very much pleased by our good fortune, though he did all he could to try at first; and I told him to come and take his dinner regular, as if nothing had happened.

Walker's progress was very remarkable: although, for her part, honest Mrs. Crump, who used to attend her daughter's lessons, would grumble not a little at the new system, and the endless exercises which she, Morgiana, was made to go through. It was very different in HER time, she said. Incledon knew no music, and who could sing so well now?

Crump from America offered him five hundred dollars if he would introduce the name of Crump into his history. An English gentleman and lady, from one of our most distant colonies, wrote to Kinglake a jointly signed pathetic letter, intreating him to cite in his pages the name of their only son, who had fallen in the Crimea.

In answer to this, Johnny pleaded that it would be as good as any other tour to him. He would see the world. "I'll tell you what," said Toogood; "I'll pay half. Only you mustn't tell Crump. And it will be quite as well not to tell Maria." But Johnny would hear nothing of this scheme. He would pay the entire cost of his own journey. He had lots of money, he said, and would like nothing better.