And struck with wonder, O king, she asked Damayanti, saying, "Afflicted though thou art with such distress, thou ownest a beautiful form. Thou shinest like lightning in the midst of the clouds. Tell me who thou art, and whose. O thou possessed of celestial splendour, surely, thy beauty is not human, bereft though thou art of ornaments.

Perhaps they're about God; perhaps they're about people you love, perhaps they're about your own feelings but they seem too private and sacred for you to tell any one. They're your own, ownest thoughts." Mary nodded. "Do you remember your mother?" Mary nodded again.

"Ah, my poor knights of the Bath!" said Edward, good-humouredly, "wilt thou never let that sore scar quietly over? Ownest thou not that the men had their merits?" "What the merits were, I weet not," answered the earl, "unless, peradventure, their wives were comely and young."

Dundee's keen memory registered the slight difference in the wording of the greeting as reported by this pseudo-Nita and the man she was running to meet. But Penny, as Nita, was already straightening Tracey Miles' necktie with possessive, coquettish fingers, was coaxing, with head tucked alluringly: "Tracey, my ownest lamb, won't you shake up the cocktails for Nita?

Do Thou That ownest the soul, Yet wilt grant control To another, nor disallow For a time, restrain me now!" Did they not run thus? Oh, he should have known! This he could plead, and this only that control had been granted to him. But how would Beatrice fare? Would she come to herself safely? He thought so, it was only a fainting fit. But when she did recover, what would she do?

They say Madame Rosalie has made her will and has left them the mansion and everything in it for their ownest own, with a tidy sum besides to put on interest." It was four o'clock when we got back to the railroad-station at Fontainebleau. We missed the train we expected to take, and had an hour to wait. White Pigeon said she did not care so very much, and I'm sure I didn't.

Even so, though a believer be a member of the body, flesh and bones of Christ; it doth not therefor follow, that Christ, flesh and bones is within him. But thou art loth to discover thyself in plain terms, though thou art made manifest full sore against thy will; for thou dost here also, though very cunningly, signify, that thou ownest Christ no otherwise, but as he is within. Query 6.

Then mayhap he would embrace her gently, like a real man, crushing her soft body to him, and love her, his ownest girlie, for herself alone. Refuge of sinners. Comfortress of the afflicted. Ora pro nobis.

And when Brahma with all the celestials having Indra at their head, said unto Rama, "O thou that ownest Kausalya for thy mother, what boons after thy heart shall we grant thee?" Rama, thereupon, prayed them to grant him firm adherence to virtues and invincibility in respect of all foes. And, O Hanuman of yellow eyes, let celestial viands and drinks be ever available to thee through my grace!"

Salutations to thee that art red of colour, to thee that art clad in red vestments, to thee that ownest a red banner with red flags, to thee that wearest red garlands and usest red unguents. Salutations to thee that art brown in complexion, to thee that art clad in brown vestments, to thee that hast a brown banner with brown flags, to thee that wearest brown garlands and usest brown unguents.