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Ráma, Krishna, as if the last letter were long. Palace intrigues were common in the old Hindoo courts. An abhisáriká is a lady so mastered by her love that she cannot wait for her lover, but goes to him of her own accord. This appears to have been customary in old times.

"Markandeya continued, 'Thus addressed, his father, O bull of the Bharata race, gladly answered Rama, the corners of whose eyes were of a reddish hue, saying, 'Return to Ayodhya and rule thou that kingdom! And that chastiser of foes then gave a boon to Avindhya. And he also bestowed both riches and honours on the Rakshasa woman named Trijata.

As he sat puzzling over the problem the servant who waited on him entered the room and salaamed. "Ghurrib Parwar! The English missie baba sends salaams and wishes to speak with you." Dermot sprang up hastily. "Where is she, Rama? In the lounge?" "No, Huzoor. The missie baba is in the Red Garden." "Where is that?" "It is the Rajah's own private garden, through there."

The Buddhists are not responsible for the introduction of deification, but the fact that it was to some extent the basis of their public ceremonies must have gone far to make the worship of Râma and Kṛishṇa seem natural. It is commonly said that whereas the whole divine nature of Vishṇu was embodied in Kṛishṇa, Râma was only a partial incarnation.

Zen Master Rama faces serious charges", 11/7/92; Baltimore City Paper, "Software Svengali: Yuppie Guru Frederick Lenz Wants You For His Army Of Meditating Computer Programmers.

When Rama returned and found no Seeta, his soul was seized with a mighty horror; and a blankness, like unto the mystery of Brahm, fell upon his heart. He shed not a tear, but the sky wept floods; he uttered not a groan, but Earth shook from her centre, and the mountains fell on their faces.

But on the other hand many men of action have been deified not because they taught anything but because they seemed to be more than human forces. Râma is a classical example of such deification and many local deities can be shown to be warriors, bandits and hunters whose powers inspired respect. It is said that there is a disposition in the Bombay Presidency to deify the Maratha leader Śivaji.

Take your time. where is your stomache... who has control of it? You take it ez. get good exercise. Learn ANYTHING at a pace healthy for you! That so is good. But over the last 7 years, i have been always rushing to meet someone else's gap. No thanx... Everyone is the same. Some people think they are special. No... " Rama was talking about American Indians.

Then Hanuman and the other monkeys, having refreshed themselves thus, came towards their king, who was then staying with Rama and Lakshmana. And, O Bharata, observing the gait of Hanuman and the colour of his face, Rama was confirmed in the belief that Hanuman had really seen Sita. Then those successful monkeys with Hanuman at their head, duly bowed unto Rama and Lakshmana and Sugriva.

I still had a few hundred dollars. I told him that I wanted to give him back the car. He frowned. "Your desire to return the gift," he said, "is proof that you are mentally ill and that you can not function in the real world." I did not want to stand around and argue. "Okay, Rama," I said and left. I felt primed for action. I was not scared. I felt sure I was doing the right thing.