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I have now enumerated those characteristic structures of the horse which are of most importance for the purpose we have in view. The least modified mammals, in fact, have the radius and ulna, the tibia and fibula, distinct and separate. They have five distinct and complete digits on each foot, and no one of these digits is very much larger than the rest.

Not realizing her injury she continued hard work all that day, but fell exhausted on the next. She recovered in about a month, and was able to walk as well as ever. Vinnedge reports recovery after concussion of the brain and extreme shock, associated with fracture of the left femur, and comminuted fractures of the left tibia and fibula.

Bloodgood advises the use of Esmarch's tourniquet, and that the curetting be followed by painting with pure carbolic acid and then rinsing with alcohol; a rod of bone is inserted to fill the gap. In advanced cases the segment of bone is resected and a portion of the tibia or fibula from the other limb inserted into the gap; a tube of radium should also be introduced.

When, with its thick, palatable flesh, it is cooked and placed on the table, it is known as the "drumstick" a favorite part of the fowl with hungry boys, vying, in their minds, with the "white meat" of the breast. This important segment of the limb is composed of two bones, the larger of which is called the tibia, the smaller the fibula.

This does not apply in our country as phalangeal and metacarpal and even metatarsal fractures are observed in more instances than are such injuries to the tibia. The tibia is occasionally broken at its middle and lower thirds, but malleolar fractures are not common. Symptomatology.

Although she was found in a state of shock, she was anesthetized, in order that immediate attention could be given to her injuries, which were found to be as follows: An oblique fracture of the middle third of the right femur. A transverse fracture of the middle third of the left femur. A slightly comminuted transverse fracture of the middle third of the left tibia and fibula.

These discs surround the tibial spine and are otherwise shaped to fit perfectly between the articular portions of the femur and tibia.

In a foal the author has in one instance succeeded in obtaining complete recovery in a simple fracture of the lower third of the tibia where the only support given the broken bone was a four-inch plaster-of-paris bandage which was adjusted above the hock. Below the tarsus a cotton and gauze bandage was applied to prevent swelling of the extremity.

In a young bird, however, the pulley-shaped apparent end of the tibia is a distinct bone, which represents the bones marked As., Ca., in the crocodile; while the apparently single metatarsal bone consists of three bones, which early unite with one another and with an additional bone, which represents the lower row of bones in the tarsus of the crocodile.

Throwing forward her arms, and uttering a shrill scream, she rushes towards the door. But she never reaches it: midway she falls prostrate over some object, and knows no more; and when, an hour later, she is borne out of the room in the arms of Randolph himself, the blood is dripping from a fracture of her right tibia.