His delinquencies had deflected the course of the travellers, left them stranded in a remote corner of the wilderness; but now they should again resume the thread of things; Chugg’s coming was an event. "’Tain’t Chugg, by God!" said Leander, impelled to violent language by the unexpected. "It’s Peter Hamilton!" exclaimed Mrs. Dax. "Land’s sakes, the New-Yorker!" said the fat lady.

Where is Gershom?" demanded the sensitive girl, at once. The answer was given in a low voice, and in that sort of manner with which woman struggles to the last to conceal the delinquencies of him she loves. "Gershom is not himself, just now," half whispered the wife "he has fallen into one of his old ways, ag'in."

It is obvious that so much liberty of form and of fact, added to the stormy character by which its citizens were distinguished, would be most offensive in the eyes of Charles, and that the delinquencies of the little commonwealth would be represented in the most glaring colors by all those quiet souls, who preferred the tranquillity of despotism to the turbulence of freedom.

Red Mick and his delinquencies seemed but small matters now; and, after what had passed, he must, of course, see that Miss Grant was not dragged into the business. So he sat down and began to write. The letter took a good deal of thinking over.

Eccles pounced on Ruth as she passed her gate, and under pretence of inquiring after Mrs. Cotton, informed her that she herself was suffering in no slight degree. Ruth, who suddenly remembered that she had been remiss in "dropping in" on Mrs. Eccles of late, dropped in then and there to make up for past delinquencies. "Is it rheumatism again?" she asked, as Mrs.

"A comfort it was to me in my young days, my dear," she often tells me. The delinquencies of the house-maids are discussed at dinner, the smallest piece of gossip in Tilchester society. I cannot, try as I will, remember the people's different names, or whom Miss Jones is engaged to, or whom Miss Brown. Quantities of these people come out to tea, and those afternoons are difficult to bear.

Four hundred years after his death, when surely all danger might be considered at an end, a pair of critical spectacles have been applied to his own remains; and though he left behind him a sufficiently ragged reputation from the first, it is only after these four hundred years that his delinquencies have been finally tracked home, and we can assign him to his proper place among the good or wicked.

After all, he would have to put off his confession of Stephen's delinquencies till to-morrow; and, half relieved, half disappointed, he quitted the room. As he came out he encountered Simon in the passage. "Hullo, Greenfield!" said that worthy; "what have you been up to in there?" "I want the Doctor," said Oliver; "do you know where he is?"

Ponsonby did not feel able or willing to discuss the Captain's delinquencies with his daughter; his only answer was, "What will become of your mother keeping pigs and poultry and living in an isolated cottage? It would be social extinction for her." "The boarding-house would be moral extinction for father." Mr. Ponsonby grew impatient.

The first step in every community which wishes to preserve honesty should be to set the people above want. The throes of hunger will ever prove too powerful for integrity to withstand. Hence arose a repetition of petty delinquencies, which no vigilance could detect, and no justice reach.