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This has nothing to do with the day-girls, but I just mention it, thinking you'd like to know about it. We haven't time for a ballot, so if you'll propose candidates we'll take the voting by a show of hands." An interesting and exciting ten minutes followed, in which the merits and demerits of various nominations were discussed, and the following girls were finally elected to office: GAMES CLUB

And as has been pointed out, our policy was to oppose the Democratic candidates at elections so long as their party was responsible for the passage of the amendment and did not pass it. Since there is no question between individuals in suffrage states-they are all suffragists-this could not increase our numerical strength.

Watling had been chosen for the people of our state, and the popular enthusiasm manufactured later. There were informal meetings in New York, in Washington, where candidates were discussed; not that such and such a man was settled upon, it was a process of elimination. Usually the affair had gone smoothly.

I received yesterday a reprieve from Gloucester, and Harris's sanction for my staying here a week longer; so that the meeting, and the report of Mr. Guise and Mr. Burrow's declaring themselves both as candidates upon separate interests, but secretly assisting one another, were, as Richard the 3rd calls it, a weak device of the enemy.

Apart from the personal merits of the respective candidates, the forces marshalled on each side were about equal. Passions ran high. Poetasters on both sides did their part. It speedily became evident that the margin of the successful candidate would be narrow. This prevision proved to be correct.

Their own organs, from time to time, gave out that in each and every county visited by the League, the farmers attended their meetings, and joined in a vote condemnatory of the corn-laws, and pledged themselves to vote thereafter for none but the candidates of the Anti-corn-law League!

An interest, almost amounting to pathos, attaches itself, in my mind, to the frantic exertions which are at present going on in almost every school division, to elect certain candidates whose names have never before been heard of in connection with education, and who are either sectarian partisans, or nothing.

In state and county conventions, where often candidates for a dozen or more offices are to be nominated, it was often subject to demoralizing bartering. The larger the number of nominations to be made, the more complete was the jobbery, and this was the death warrant of the local convention.

A holy awe covered the crowd, a holy atmosphere was prevalent among the people. One by one the minister led the candidates down into the typical grave of water and when they arose out of the water there were praises and thanks given unto Him who had loved them and washed them from sin in His own blood. So affecting was this scene that three persons asked for prayer that they might be saved.

They accepted the National Confession as their own standard of faith, and though they could still ordain their own priests, their candidates for the priesthood had first to be examined by the national Administrator. And, further, the Brethren had now weakened their union with the Moravian and Polish branches. No longer did the three parts of the Church stand upon the same footing.