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The boys were not, now, going out to an unknown danger. Although the risk that a staff officer runs is, absolutely, somewhat greater than that incurred by a regimental officer; still, it is slight in comparison with the risk run by a franc tireur, employed in harassing an enemy, and in cutting his communications especially when capture means death.

"Rot!" said Dale, and turning to Lola "He has demoralised the whole railway system of Europe with his tips. I've seen him give a franc to the black greasy devil that bangs at the carriage wheels with a bit of iron. He would give anybody anything." He had recovered his boyish pride in my ridiculous idiosyncracies, and was in process of illustrating again to Lola what a "splendid chap" I was.

It will be readily seen that it was fully time to put an end to the system, for the gold "louis" of twenty-five francs in specie had, in February, 1796, as we have seen, become worth 7,200 francs, and, at the latest quotation of all, no less than 15,000 francs in paper money that is, one franc in gold was nominally worth 600 francs in paper.

"Certainly." "It is that, next to you, Bertuccio must be the richest gentleman in Europe." "You are mistaken, viscount; I believe he has not a franc in his possession." "Then he must be a wonder. My dear count, if you tell me many more marvellous things, I warn you I shall not believe them." "I countenance nothing that is marvellous, M. Albert. Tell me, why does a steward rob his master?"

All men liable to bear arms were called up, and huge numbers of volunteers were drilled. It was an affecting sight to see the poor workmen drilling on the Place du Carrousel for enrolment in the volunteer corps. Really, most of them looked so bloodless and wretched that one was tempted to think they went with the rest for the sake of the franc a day and uniform.

The young woman alighted, crossed the pavement, and entered a shop where cashmeres and laces were sold. "There," thought the old fellow, "is where the thousand franc notes go! Half a million in four years! What can these creatures do with the money so lavishly bestowed upon them? Do they eat it? On the altar of what caprices do they squander these fortunes?

We took a fiacre in the Place de Carousel, and drove to the door. On entering, we found the interior miserably shut off from view by the stagings erected for the purpose of repairs. Penetrating from the nave towards the chancel, an official personage signified to us that we must first purchase a ticket for each grown person, at the price of half a franc each.

"He must have been a clever fellow, though, to lead the orchestra in the Franc Macons."

The earliest livre was that of Charlemagne, the silver value of which is representable by eighty cents. It steadily depreciated, till it was worth in the reign of Louis XIV-about sixty cents, from which it fell rapidly to the epoch of the Revolution, when its value was only nineteen cents, and the franc took its place.

The position of the franc tireurs was now critical in the extreme. The enemy's cavalry between them and safety, only a hundred yards distant had unslung their carbines, and opened fire. The infantry were nearly two hundred yards behind but, fortunately, dared not fire for fear of hitting their own cavalry.

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