The inquiries were satisfactory; they were quite respectable, bourgeois, silk merchants in a small way although at least two strata below that haute bourgeoisie which now regarded itself as the real upper class of the République Française. A true Ruyler, however, would have fled at the first danger signal, never have reached the point where inquiries were in order.

The table and chair of Jean Guiton have been restored, like everything else, and are very elegant and coquettish pieces of furniture incongruous relics of a season of starvation and blood. I believe that Protestantism is somewhat shrunken to-day at La Rochelle, and has taken refuge mainly in the haute société and in a single place of worship.

In getting a clear notion of the discovery of Neptune, several other personages are to be considered. One of these is the astronomer Alexis Bouvart, of France, who was born in Haute Savoie, in 1767, and died in June of 1843, three years before Neptune was found.

In a similar manner the volcanic eruptions of the Haute Loire and Ardèche, lying to the eastward, and separated from those of the Cantal by the granitoid ridge of the Montagnes de Margeride, belong to two successive periods referable very closely to those of the Mont Dore and the Puy de Dôme groups.

This alternative was so alarming that we began to think ourselves relatively lucky to be on the right side of the gates; and we went back to the Haute Mere-Dieu to squeeze into a crowded corner of the restaurant for dinner.

"And what you say, Davy?" he asked. "The money would be good if you took it, sir," I said, not knowing what else to answer. "Sapristi!" exclaimed Monsieur Vigo, looking hard at me. "Who teach you that?" "No one, sir," said I, staring in my turn. "And if Congress lose, and not pay, where am I, mon petit maitre de la haute finance?" demanded Monsieur Vigo, with the palms of his hands outward.

Cosway's portrait of herself, first state, brought $1,300, and a second one $200 less. <b>COUDERT, AMALIA KÜSSNER.</b> Born in Terre Haute, Indiana. This distinguished miniaturist writes me that she "never studied." Like Topsy, she must have "growed."

When General Harrison marched with his regulars and Indiana and Kentucky militia, on the way to the battlefield of Tippecanoe, he ascended the Wabash river, erecting Fort Harrison, near the present site of Terre Haute, and christening it on Sunday, the 27th day of October, 1811.

They stopped in front of the Haute Gomme, where they picked up Sir George Kirkbank and Colonel Delville, a big man with a patriarchal head, supposed to be one of the finest whist players in London, and to make a handsome income by his play.

The great advantage which your Lord Roehampton, for example, has over all his colleagues in la haute politique, is that he was one of your plenipotentiaries at the Congress of Vienna. There he learned to gauge the men who govern the world.