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I asked Rechid Pasha when I might hope to receive the firman which the Sultan had promised me, as I was most desirous of returning to England the moment I got it. We returned in state as we came, the guard of honour saluting us as we passed them in the court of the palace.

In spite of all, Soada had been the apple of his eye, although he had sworn again and again that next to a firman of the Sultan, a ten-months' camel was the most beautiful thing on earth. He was in a bitter humour.

Not long before, having offended the Sultan, he had fled into Egypt, and there became acquainted with the missionaries. Having made his peace with the Sultan and returned to Deir el-Kamr, his capital, the brethren visited him there, and were hospitably entertained, and furnished with a firmân for travelling in all parts of his dominions. 1 See Missionary Herald, 1824, pp. 65-71, 97-101. Mr.

Thus hemmed in, Korosko is a narrow strip of a few yards' width on the margin of the Nile, with only one redeeming feature in its wretchedness the green shade of the old sycamore beneath which we sat. I had a firman from the Viceroy, a cook, and a dragoman. Thus my impedimenta were not numerous.

I had lent Mustapha a sword; but, after keeping it a night, he was obliged to return it, sending word that a firmân had been written to all the functionaries of the Porte, forbidding them to receive any presents, an excellent measure, doing credit to the Sultan's administration. The great plague of the East is the system of bribery carried on under the form of presents.

Sir Charles Napier went to Alexandria, and Mehemet Ali, persuaded that the tide of war had turned against him, undertook to evacuate Syria, and to restore the Turkish fleet, as soon as the Sultan should send him a firman, granting him the hereditary government of Egypt.

Joyfully Hamet Abdoollah repairs to us again, with a Firman under the Dey's own Signet granting me my Liberty; and that very forenoon my silver Collar, Anklets, and Manacles were stricken off, the Physician returning them to the Dey's Treasury, and I was no longer a Slave.

Nevertheless, time passed on, and neither the Seraskier nor the firman appeared. Ali, at first uneasy, ended by rarely mentioning either the one or the other, and never was deceiver more completely deceived. His security was so great that he loudly congratulated himself on having come to the island.

The first crude idea of such a way had sprung to life in the brain of a Chicago man named L. B. Firman, in 1879; but he became a farmer and forsook his invention in its infancy. In the Multiple board, as it grew up under the hands of Scribner, the outgoing wires are duplicated so as to be within reach of every operator.

I produced the firman, duly signed and sealed, and demanded that, in accordance with its provisions, the prisoners should be removed, under safe escort, for re-trial at the port of Varna. The Pasha a little man with a close-cropped beard, which looked like black varnished wire glanced at the document and angrily pronounced it an impudent forgery.