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The former was begun as early as 1808 by the Virginian John Taylor of Caroline in his "Arator" essays, and was furthered by the publications of Edmund Ruffin and many others. But an adequate available source of fertilizers long remained a problem without solution.

The others most forward against me were known to be secretly instigated by the lawyer. As to Ruffin, whom I had "wounded," those upon the ground had heard the crack of his rifle, and knew that he had fired first. In their calmer moments my resistance would have been deemed perfectly justifiable so far as that individual was concerned.

Eet ees 'er leetle ladyship exact!" "Yes. And she'll be more like her than ever in her clothes. Hurry up and get her into them," said the Honourable John Ruffin briskly. He bustled them up the stairs to Pollyooly's attic; and as Eglantine helped her into Lady Marion Ricksborough's clothes, she continued to express her lively wonder at the likeness.

The royal progress was the event of the morning and afternoon for several days before it occurred to Pollyooly to tell the Honourable John Ruffin about it. Then one evening, on their way to bathe, she told him. The Honourable John Ruffin stood still on the edge of the sea, looked at her thoughtfully, and said: "This is interesting indeed.

Why don't I ever get tea like this?" "You ought to. You pay enough for it," said the Honourable John Ruffin in a tone which lacked sympathy. "I do. I believe I employ every incompetent jackass in London," said the duke bitterly. "And I expect you don't make any secret of your conviction at home," said the Honourable John Ruffin.

Marshall, the Colonel's sister, on a visit from Baltimore, fled at his approach. "Excuse me, Mary," she cried to Mrs. Lee. "I just can't stand these ranting fire-eating politicians. They make me ill. I'll go to my room." She hurried up the stairway and left the frail mistress of the house to meet her formidable guest. Ruffin was the product of the fierce Abolition Crusade.

He will be pleased," said Mr. Wilkinson in tones of ringing triumph. "Will he? Where is she?" said the Honourable John Ruffin with an air of lively curiosity. "Here," said Mr. Wilkinson, drawing Pollyooly forward. "Where?" said the Honourable John Ruffin, looking at Pollyooly with a somewhat puzzled air. "Here!" said Mr. Wilkinson a little louder. "Oh there?" said the Honourable John Ruffin.

"And if you'll forgive my saying so, I haven't any time to waste on your jokes, Mr. Ruffin!" "Joke? Do you want me to show you how much of a joke it is by giving you in charge here and now for kidnapping my housekeeper, Mary Bride?" said the Honourable John Ruffin coldly. Mr. Wilkinson's expression grew yet more puzzled and doubtful, and he said: "Mary Bride? Who is Mary Bride?"

The Honourable John Ruffin had thrown quite a new light on them in suggesting that they could be used as a weapon; and she considered this use of them most of the way to Ricksborough House. She reached it soon after half-past two. She found its gloomy nineteenth-century facade, black with the smuts of ninety years, a little daunting, and mounted its broad steps in some trepidation.

Accordingly when she brought in his bacon next morning Pollyooly said: "Please, sir: I think you're right about Millicent's going to a home; and so does she." "Good," said the Honourable John Ruffin. "There can be no reasonable doubt that the mantle of Solomon, to say nothing of Benjamin Franklin's, has descended on your shoulders."