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She inquired with wonder what her sister had been doing, and where she had been. Deborah replied that she had been busy; and they went upstairs to bed. But not to sleep for one of them. Deborah West lay awake through the live-long night, tossing from side to side in her perplexity and thought.

"It was very little he took, Ma'am, indeed though there was need enough I am sure; he had been up with his father the live-long blessed night. And then the first thing this morning he was away after Miss Ellen, poor child! wherever she had betaken herself to; I happened to see her before anybody was out, going round the corner of the house, and so I knew when he asked me for her."

One may as well be still mewed up in the old castle of the lake, if one is to sit the live-long night between four walls, and hearken to old ballads." "It is a new ballad the Lord help thee!" replied Adam, "and that one of the best that ever was matched with a rousing chorus."

What do you mean by facing me at all?" he roared, shaking his fist within an inch of Capitola's little pug nose. "I am here because you sent for me, sir," was Cap's unanswerable rejoinder. "Here because I sent for you! humph! humph! humph! and come dancing and smiling into my room as if you had not kept me awake all the live-long night yes, driven me within an inch of brain fever!

Because of it the words come to an end, and yet end not; the utterance is over, but not its ring; and the ear and the mind can go on and on with their game of tossing the rhyme to each other. Thus did the rain patter and the leaves quiver again and again, the live-long day in my consciousness. Another episode of this period of my early boyhood is held fast in my mind.

Why then, oh why, my cruel Sylvia are my joys delayed? Why am I by your rigorous commands kept from the sight of my heaven, my eternal bliss? An age, my fair tormentor, is past; four tedious live-long days are numbered over, since I beheld the object of my lasting vows, my eternal wishes; how can you think, oh unreasonable Sylvia! that I could live so long without you?

We plowed and dragged and groped along, the whole live-long night, and at the end of this uncomfortable twelve hours we finished the forty-five-mile part of the desert and got to the stage station where the imported water was. The sun was just rising.

"He washes himself, for marks of blood is a bad sign, and returns afore day, and wags his tail, and runs round his master, and looks up into his face as innocent as you please, as much as to say, 'Squire, here I have been watchin' of your property all this live-long night, it's dreadful lonely work, I do assure you, and oh, how glad I am to see the shine of your face this morning.

Do you think I have not begged him, implored him, besought him, almost on my knees, to give up that work and do other things?" Griggs looked straight into her eyes a moment and then almost understood what she meant. "You mean that he that when he is painting there " He hesitated. "Of course. All day long. All the bitter live-long day! They sit there together on pretence of talking about it.

We are to sight-see, climb I mountains, go into the mines, fish for trout, and do nothing the live-long day but amuse ourselves. I am afraid A will miss us terribly, dear old soul! He is very fond of having us here, and is always bemoaning our departure.