There won't be much of an investigation; they killed two and caught two, and that'll keep them happy. After all, the robbery was a failure." "Any notion why it failed?" Hollis nodded. "Sure I have a notion! It was Kovak who tipped them off." "Mike? but he looked okay to me." "And to everybody. But he owed Bryson a lot, and Bryson was anxious to dispose of Max.

There he found the warden of the prison and the clergyman, listening with very perplexed faces to a story the prisoner was narrating. "This is a most extraordinary revelation," the clergyman was saying. "I really don't know what to think." "What is it?" asked Mr. Bryson. "A story which, wildly incredible as it seems, is yet true as Holy Writ," answered the prisoner. "The real murderer is found.

One of the chief women sculptors of the United States is Edith Woodman Burroughs, born at Riverdale-on-the-Hudson, in 1871. She was a pupil at the New York Art Students' League under Augustus Saint-Gaudens, later studying in Paris with Injalbert and Merson. In 1893 she was married to Bryson Burroughs, a New York artist. She has made a specialty of fountain sculpture.

Smith had paid one brief visit to Mongolia by himself, and another, still briefer, in the company of the Rev. T. Bryson of Tientsin. Meanwhile the work had been going on slowly and steadily under the care of the native helper, Mr. Liu, and of some of the converts. We now follow the story of this last year's work as it is told in Mr. Gilmour's letters and reports.

She has been here, and admitted her guilt." "What!" exclaimed the lawyer. "Sybilla Silver?" "Why!" cried the warden, in wonder, "you, too?" "Exactly," said Mr. Bryson, with a nod. "I know all about it. A most important witness has turned up no other than the missing man, Mr. Parmalee.

"'I don't believe Lizzie cares for me. "'How's that? I says. "'Last Sunday she was out riding with Tom Bryson, an' every Sunday afternoon I find half-a-dozen young fellows up there. "'Well, ye know, Lizzie is attractive, an' she ain't our'n yit not just yit, I says. 'If young men come to see her she's got to be polite to 'em. You wouldn't expect her to take a broom an' shoo 'em off?

"Uncle was the fairy godmother as far as an allowance was concerned." "Any other heirs?" asked Old Bryson. "None." Gillian frowned at his cigarette and kicked the upholstered leather of a divan uneasily. "There is a Miss Hayden, a ward of my uncle, who lived in his house. She's a quiet thing musical the daughter of somebody who was unlucky enough to be his friend.

Bryson, its commander, as prisoners under the authority of the United States; while the men were detained in the same character aboard the scow. We are unable to trace to any particular source, the cruelty inflicted upon these latter noble fellows, in keeping them for days in that open vessel huddled together, and with the rain for a portion of that period, descending upon them in torrents.

"Mercy, mercy! mercy!" shrieked Sybilla Silver. "Spare me! Touch me not! Oh, God! what is this?" "Confess!" "I confess I murdered you I stabbed you! Sir Everard is innocent! Keep off! Mercy! mercy!" With an unearthly scream, the horrified woman threw up both arms to keep off the awful vision, and fell forward in strong convulsions. "Very well done," said Mr. Bryson, entering briskly.

While the members of the party were preparing for the journey, Colonel Nason accompanied me to the river, which was less than three miles from Rixford, the proprietors of which sent the canoe after us on a wagon drawn by mules. The point of embarkation was the Lower Mineral Springs, the property of Judge Bryson.