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It was the cheapest form of blackmail they could pay to the professional politicians; and in this respect they differed from the public service corporations, which have frequently been active agents of corruption in order to obtain public franchises for less than their value. But once the railroads had acquired their political influence, they naturally used it for their own purposes.

He tried to blackmail a man who had committed a murder. He told Fred Dunmore he'd keep his mouth shut about the .36 Colt, if Dunmore would get him the Fleming collection.

"Beelzebub" Blythe lingered over his cups, polishing his eyeglasses with a disreputable handkerchief. "I thought I could do it, but I couldn't," he muttered to himself after a time. "A gentleman can't blackmail the man that he drinks with." Spilled milk draws few tears from an Anchurian administration. Many are its lacteal sources; and the clocks' hands point forever to milking time.

A year or so after the first meeting between Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas I heard that they were being pestered on account of some amorous letters which had been stolen from them. There was talk of blackmail and hints of an interesting exposure.

It is an abominable lie from start to finish." "I am glad to hear you say so. But the letter?" "The police will deal with that." "The police? You will let Chaldea give the letter to the police?" "I am innocent and have no fear of the police. Your attempt to blackmail me has failed, Mr. Silver."

I should never have lost sight of my first conviction that there were two persons in Mr. Glenthorpe's room the night he was murdered. "When Benson told his story I asked myself, Could Charles' conduct be dictated by the desire to have a hold over Benson with a view to blackmail later on?

"When you bent forward to pick up your cap I remembered you the moment I put my eyes on that streak of white hair," and then, sure that he had before him a victim whom he could blackmail with perfect impunity, he inquired, "Have you been back to Rugby since I saw you the last time, and say, McDonald, how are the chances for your helping a poor friend to the price of a meal and a bunking place for the night?"

Middleton put the note in his pocket, and the eminent capitalist having ceased pacing and standing gazing at him, he remarked: "Certain reasons, such as preventing an altercation with your wife over her suspicions that you had not lost the ring, but had disposed of it as on a former occasion ten years since." "Young man, you cannot blackmail me. My wife knows all about that.

It is like how do you say? the riding breeches of the Scottish soldiers, not there. Nor do I say hush about my little episodes. Pooh! my friend Gorman. These episodes, what are they? The English middling classes like to pretend that there are no episodes. But there are, always, and we others we do not say hush." "If it wasn't blackmail," said Donovan, "what kept him tracking you?"

Up to the date of our present survey, however, and for half a century yet to come, these conquests of the Lydian kings in Ionia and Caria amounted to little more than forays for plunder and the levy of blackmail, like the earlier Mesopotamian razzias. They might result in the taking and sacking of a town here and there, but not in the holding of it.

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