In the end of June, King Leopold arrived with his daughter on a farewell visit before her marriage, so that there were two young brides comparing experiences and anticipating what the coming years would bring, under her Majesty's wing. The princesses were nearly of an age, neither quite seventeen.

Has it occurred to you that this dodge of yours will cost you about fifty per cent of the wedding presents you might otherwise have had?" "It has," said Sissie. "That was one reason why we tried the dodge. Nothing is more horrible than about fifty per cent of the wedding presents that brides get in these days. And we've had the two finest presents anybody could wish for." "Oh?"

Even bad force is better than negative Good. One must first be strong before one can be serene." "You are strong." "Yes, but not good. Hardly a fit companion for sweet little English brides with excellent husbands awaiting them." "I shall judge of that." "Tiens! So emancipated!" "If you are bad, how does your theory work that we pay for each action?

Littell beckoned to her afterward when they were all in the pleasant living-room across the hall, "think you're going to like Washington, even if it is overrun with brides and grooms?" "It's lovely," Betty assured him fervently. "We've had the most perfect day. And, Mr. Littell, what do you think I've found out something important already."

In that hurly-burly and hilarious confusion no one had time to weigh words or note meanings; but there were some who recalled it a few months later when they were bidden to a wedding at the house of John McDonald, a wedding at which Sandy Bruce was groom, and Little Bel the brightest, most winsome of brides.

'She is for our youngest brother, as we promised. 'What! said the old man, 'promised! I'll make you eat your promises! And with that he took his magic wand, and, murmuring a charm, he touched both brothers and brides, and immediately they were turned into grey stones. Only the youngest sister he had not bewitched.

Well do I remember how fair she was and how kind, how gracious of speech when we sat together, brides both of us." With such words she persuaded her husband. "There are no guests that would be more welcome," said he; "I will find messengers who shall bid them come to the Rhineland."

The Orientals take their brides without distressing themselves about the past and lock them up in order to be more certain about the future; the French put their daughters into a sort of seraglio defended by their mothers, by prejudice, and by religious ideas, and give the most complete liberty to their wives, thus showing themselves much more solicitous about a woman's past than about her future.

Twenty days before he was to die, his costume was changed, and four damsels delicately nurtured and bearing the names of four goddesses the Goddess of Flowers, the Goddess of the Young Maize, the Goddess "Our Mother among the Water," and the Goddess of Salt were given him to be his brides, and with them he consorted. During the last five days divine honours were showered on the destined victim.

Now, when he had made an end of the Giant, Boots rode back again on the wolf to the Giant's house, and there stood all his six brothers alive and merry, with their brides. Then Boots went into the hill- side after his bride, and so they all set off home again to their father's house.