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"Ah! what, indeed!" and, relaxing my grasp, I clasped my hands together patiently; that thought had occurred to me before. "It is a very strong affection to have sprung up from a short acquaintance on a raft," she remarked, sententiously. "I saved his infant life, you know; and the benefactor always loves the thing he benefits. It is on this principle alone God loves his erring creatures, Mrs.

"En den Brer Rabbit sorter grin, he did, en de gals giggle, en Miss Meadows, she praise up de pony, en dar wuz Brer Fox hitch fas' ter de rack, en couldn't he'p hisse'f." "Is that all, Uncle Remus?" asked the little boy as the old man paused. "Dat ain't all, honey, but 'twon't do fer ter give out too much cloff fer ter cut one pa'r pants," replied the old man sententiously.

Nobody interferes; there is little public spirit in a caravan: so he consents to an explanation, saying sententiously, "My little wife is mad." The fact is, his two helpmates, one young and one old, are vastly too much for him, as they would be for most men. He moves along in a perpetual family tornado.

"You're a woman and he's a man," said Mother Cockleshell sententiously. "We are chums, pals, whatever you like to call us. I want to see him happy." "He will never be happy, my lady, unless he marries the rani. And death, by bringing the money between their true love, has divided them forever, unless the golden rye puts his heart before his fear of silly chatter for them he moves amongst.

"Eat," replied Lone Wolf sententiously, pointing of the bowl wa-nsa. "You will need your strength." Dick's heart fell at these words despite all his self-command. "My time's come," he thought.

He soon found, as he sententiously expressed it, that it was not agreeable for him to remain under the kindly shelter of the paternal mansion; so he, prodigal like, took the portion his father gave him and spent it in riotous living. But he was determined not to feed on husks, if unmitigated cheek and unblushing effrontery could bring him better fare.

"You are very good to say so, Mr Lorton; but permit me to judge best in that matter! Pray, how old are you, Mr Lorton, if I may be allowed to ask the question?" she said, looking at me with great "society" interest, as if she were examining a specimen of the extinct dodo. "Three-and-twenty," I said sententiously, like a catechumen responding to the questions supposed to be addressed to "N or M."

"That's the way to look at it!" exclaimed Will. "How did it happen, anyhow?" "Plug out of the bottom," explained Mollie, sententiously. "The twins!" "I see! Say, she's going down all right!" This Will remarked as the boat from which the girls had climbed settled lower and lower in the water. "Oh, can't we save it?" cried Mollie. "My poor boat!" "I'll use one of the oars as a buoy," said Will.

"Now, how would my holding and moulding Margaret save us?" The old lady placed her cards deliberately, on the table as she said sententiously: "She would stay with us here if you were engaged to her!" The shock had cone. His mother's terrible alternative was now before him in all its naked horror. A shiver ran through him.

Nodding confirmation to the brilliant rejoinder, Janet fell again to work. But the elder was in no wise discomposed. Withdrawing one eye from the clouds, he turned it approvingly upon her hoe practice. "She's young yet," he said, "an' a lass o' her pairts wull no go til the shelf." "Call three-an'-forty young?" "Christy McDonald," the elder sententiously replied, "marrit on Neil McNab at fifty.