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"I pity Mr. Temperley, though I am so fond of Hadria," said Miss Du Prel. "If he shatters her illusions, she will certainly shatter his." The event that they had been expecting, took place. During one of the afternoon practices, when, for a few minutes, Mrs. Fullerton had left the room, Temperley startled Hadria by an extremely elegant proposal of marriage.

"For the purposes of this cruise you are," smiled Fullerton. "But I forget. You haven't received your orders. There they are on your desk. They arrived less than an hour ago by wire." Like one in a dream young Jack Benson picked up a bulky telegraph envelope and broke the seal. There, before his eyes, danced the words of the latest order from the Secretary of the Navy.

To expose a friend, such a friend as Isabella had been to her and then their own brother so closely concerned in it! She believed she must waive the subject altogether. Henry and Eleanor were by themselves in the breakfast-room; and each, as she entered it, looked at her anxiously. Catherine took her place at the table, and, after a short silence, Eleanor said, "No bad news from Fullerton, I hope?

"Do you know," said the Professor, "I was turning into a French sweet-shop the other day, to buy my usual tribute for the children, when I suddenly remembered that they would no longer be children, and had to march out again, crestfallen, musing on the march of time and the mutability of things human especially children." "It's ridiculous," cried Mr. Fullerton.

Ensign Fullerton hastened back to the bridge, to assume command, while Hal hastings stood by him. Boat-handlers and armed sailors and marines scampered over the side. Down the gangway followed Jack and Eph, looking very stately as they held their swords clear of their legs. Busily the launch chugged across the intervening water gap.

Our mate's badly wounded seems to a' lost his senses like, and don't understand." A deadly pale man was stretched limply on the top of a pile of fish-boxes. Mrs. Walton said "Pray take us away we cannot bear the sight." And indeed Marion Dearsley was as pale as the poor blood-smeared fisherman. Ferrier coolly waited and helped Tom and Fullerton to hoist the senseless, mangled mortal on deck.

The latter had some anecdotes to tell of the ravages made by wasps. "If Buchanan would only adopt my plan of destroying them," said Mr. Fullerton, "we should soon get rid of the pest." "It's some chemical, isn't it?" asked Mrs. Fullerton. "Oh, no; that's no use at all! Wasps positively enjoy chemicals.

The ground was soft and moist, and their task was soon accomplished, and the coffins lowered into their graves. Then the captain, followed by the surgeon and Roger Fullerton, advanced, prayer-book in hand, and read the burial service, and Adams and Ford wondered somewhat when, at its conclusion, a heavy sob burst from Fullerton.

Hadria drew a deep sigh. "We must give food presently. No more brandy." "She's all right again, all right again!" cried Mr. Fullerton, eagerly. The nurse went to prepare the extract which the doctor had ordered for the patient, when quickly-digested nourishment was required. It gave immediate strength.

Her youth, civil manners, and liberal pay procured her all the attention that a traveller like herself could require; and stopping only to change horses, she travelled on for about eleven hours without accident or alarm, and between six and seven o'clock in the evening found herself entering Fullerton.