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"Oh," his wife returned, "you'll see, in one way or another, to what tune!" And she spoke, of a sudden, with an approach to elation so that, as if immediately feeling his surprise, she turned round to him. "She'll see me somehow through!" "See YOU ?" "Yes, me. I'm the worst. For," said Fanny Assingham, now with a harder exaltation, "I did it all. I recognise that I accept it.

Then, for a moment, he stood tightly clutching his thin hands over his chest in a powerful effort to control himself. "They are dead!" he repeated. He spoke more calmly, and yet there was something so terrible in his eyes, something so harshly vibrant of elation in the quivering passion of his voice that Nathaniel felt himself filled with a strange horror.

Jameson found the towel here!" Kennedy shrugged his shoulders. "I cannot tell you that just yet." He paused deliberately. "You see," he lied. "I have yet to make my analysis." "But you know it's a clue to the " "That towel" he raised his voice, as though in elation "that towel will lead me to the murderer infallibly!"

How frequent it is that men on their road to ruin feel elation such as this!

The distress was usually occasioned by an idea of injury to others, as when she cried over the fancied accusation of drowning her husband and mother; or in connection with accusations of herself, such as when she reportedThey called me a whore.” As has been stated, there was never any frank elation, but an element of pleasurable expansive emotion was frequently present in connection with her religious utterances.

He knew well enough that these caves were the houses of the red bear, the saber-tooth and the bone-crushing hyenas, but, as he explained to the Chief with thrilling elation, the Shining One would drive these monsters out, and teach them to keep their distance.

Yet, in spite of all these things, he had felt such elation, such spring rapture when Hazel danced; the world took on such strange new colours when she looked at him that he knew he must love her for ever. He felt that as his emotions grew stronger and they were becoming more and more like a herd of young calves out at grass his ways of expression must increase in correctness. 'Hazel he began.

Even Leff, uncouth and unlettered, extracted all that was possible from the words, and felt a delicate elation at the thought that so fine a creature could endure his society. "We expect to go a great deal faster than the long trains," she continued. "We have no oxen, only six mules and two extra horses and a cow." Her father laughed outright. "Don't let my daughter frighten you.

At my left was a saturnine Spaniard who smiled indifferently, but who did not know his cigar had died to a stale coldness. I was experiencing the sense of disillusionment which invariably comes to me afresh when I enter the Casino of Monaco. I always ascend the stairs of the palace which the principality-supporting syndicate has provided for its patrons with a mild elation of expectancy.

"The soil? Assuredly not the soil," the stranger said mechanically. He was looking down, absorbed in thought, secret, mysterious, yet not devoid of a certain inexplicable suggestion of triumph; for a subtle cloaked elation, not unlike a half-smile, was on his face, although its intent, persistent expression intimated the following out of a careful train of ideas.