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What did he mean by going off for eighteen months undiscovered, and leaving one to build up fresh plans in life, like this and then coming home on a sudden just on purpose to upset them? It was simply disgraceful. Sir Gilbert felt injured; this man Waring was wronging him. Eighteen months before he was keenly aware that he was unjustly casting a vile and hideous suspicion on an innocent person.

I have translated it into French, and had it translated into Latin, but still I can find out nothing nothing. But some day somebody will hit upon it at least I hope so." Harold shook his head. "I am afraid," he said, "that what has remained undiscovered for so long will remain so till the end of the chapter. Perhaps old Sir James was hoaxing his enemies!"

So they took me on board, and placed me below in the vessel, in a very uneasy place, and obscured me with boards and other things, where I lay undiscovered, notwithstanding the strict search that was made in the vessel.

On the following morning, very early, while Melmotte was still lying, as yet undiscovered, on the floor of Mr Longestaffe's room, a letter was brought up to Hetta by the maid-servant, who told her that Mr Montague had delivered it with his own hands. She took it greedily, and then repressing herself, put it with an assumed gesture of indifference beneath her pillow.

It is sufficient to say that the Jew, who was a man old in all the arts of villainy, contrived to cheat both his associates, and obtained the diamond cross for less than half its value. The matter was managed so that the transaction remained undiscovered.

In an hour we steamed into a fog-bank, so dense that even the head-light of our ship was as a glowworm; and from that moment until we had come within sound of voices on the undiscovered shore, it was all like a voyage in the clouds. Whistles blew, bells rang, men shouted, and then we listened with hungry ears. A whistle answered us from shore a piercing human whistle.

We have given up that oath now: I suppose we do not believe so much in the value of oaths. But the man who first drew up that oath did a great deed. He realized and defined the meaning of his high calling in words which doctors of unknown tongues and undiscovered countries accepted from him and felt to express their aims for well over two thousand years.

By Doctor Dodd you understand I would typify the rogue of respectable exterior, not committed to gaol yet, but not undiscovered. We all know one or two such.

Again I considered, that if I fell upon them, I should be as much in the wrong as the Spaniards, who had committed the greatest barbarities upon these people who had never offended them in their whole lives; as if the kingdom of Spain was eminent for a race of men without common compassion to the miserable, a principal sign of the most generous temper: these considerations made me pause, and made me think I had taken wrong measures in my resolution: I now argued with myself, it was better for me never to attack, but to remain undiscovered as long as I possibly could; that an opposite conduct would certainly prove destructive; for as it was scarcely to be supposed I could kill them all, I might either be overpowered by the remaining, or that some escaping, might bring thousands to my certain destruction.

And while De Guiche, who thought that his motive was undiscovered, cross-examined Malicorne, the latter, who appeared to be working in the dark, soon guessed his questioner's motives.