The sea is turbid and yellow with sand beaten up by the recent billows, this yellowness extends outwards to a certain line, and is there succeeded by the green of clearer water. Beyond this again the surface looks dark, as if still half angry, and clouds hang over it, both to retire from the strife.

He is all attention and ever present. Thus the Throne verse 'Drowsiness overcomes him not nor sleep.... His firmament spans the Heaven and the Earth, and the care of them does not distress him. "Why then the yellowness and the burning, the sameness and solitude, and the earth intolerant of rain and running stream, and of roads and paths why, if there was neither accident nor forgetfulness?

Altogether the vehicle had a lordly air, easily matching that of the individual sitting alone on the purple cushions a man whose features were not very clear at the distance, although the yellowness of his beard, the glitter of his studded shirt-front, and whole consequential, expansive effect recalled to the doctor's mind an image of the past, less ornate, indeed, and affluent, but of similar aspect.

He taught in schools, first charging five shillings a lesson, then raising his terms to ten shillings, next charging a guinea. He founded his style very much on that of his friend and contemporary Girtin, the water-colour painter. Both delighted in a golden yellowness of tone which it is probable Girtin had originated.

Against the beautiful old red walls, over which age had stolen with a wonderful grey bloom, venerable fruit trees were spread and nailed, and here and there showed bloom, clumps of low-growing things sturdily advanced their yellowness or whiteness, as if defying neglect.

Just to have him in the room with his yellowness and tiptoes makes me nervous like a cat." "I got your shirt and studs laid out myself." He pinched her cheek again. "Rosie Posy!" "You had a hard day, Roody? You look tired." "I don't like the battle of Waterloo in the 'Saint Elba' picture." "Roody, that scene it took such a fortune to build into the shape of the letter A?"

If there is a yellowness of the skin, or other signs of the blood failing to be purified in a natural way, then that should first be dealt with, and the fits will often be removed as soon as good action is established in the purifying organs.

As in the jaundice it is necessary, that the bile should first be secreted by the liver, and re-absorbed into the circulation, to produce the yellowness of the skin; as was formerly demonstrated by the late Dr.

In the sunlight their yellowness was gilded, and the faint quiver of the current brought ripples of green and blue; but as soon as the shade spread over it the stream became opaque like mud, so turbid in its venerable old age that it no longer even gave back a reflection of the houses lining it. And how desolate was its abandonment, what a stream of silence and solitude it was!

In that country be folk that have but one foot, and they go so blyve that it is marvel. And the foot is so large, that it shadoweth all the body against the sun, when they will lie and rest them. In Ethiopia, when the children be young and little, they be all yellow; and, when that they wax of age, that yellowness turneth to be all black.