Then the stars will pale before a glory more intense, the countless little leaves, like delicate human emotions, will wake and stir, and the white mists of maidenliness will be warmed with heavenly radiance. But after sunrise comes the day the long prosaic day of duty and denial, of work and its rewards, of sober, plain realities.

"Two hours passed ere she could again show herself to her father, from whom she seemed in some new way divided by the new feeling in which he did not, and could not share. But at last, lest he should seek her, and finding her, should suspect her thoughts, she descended and sought him. For there is a maidenliness in sorrow, that wraps her garments close around her.

And sometimes, upon being awakened from them, as he sat over his sermon with the ink drying on his quill, by the sudden outburst of treble voices in his mother's sitting-room below, the fancy would seize him that possibly these other young damsels took fond liberties with him in their dreams, as he with Evelina, and he resented it with a fierce maidenliness of spirit, although he was a man.

She is mine!" he cried: "mine once more! mine utterly! mine eternally!" and he followed up his devouring exclamations in person as she, less decidedly, retreated. She retreated as young ladies should ever do, two or three steps, and he would not notice that she had become an angry Dian, all arrows: her maidenliness in surrendering pleased him.

Maidens are commonly reduced to read the masters of their destinies by their instincts; and when these have been edged by over-activity they must hoodwink their maidenliness to suffer themselves to read; and then they must dupe their minds, else men would soon see they were gifted to discern.

At that moment his strongest wish was to be completely master of this creature this piquant combination of maidenliness and mischief: that she knew things which had made her start away from him, spurred him to triumph over that repugnance; and he was believing that he should triumph.

"I saw you from below; mademoiselle, and surely, I thought, so sweet a lady would have pity on an unfortunate." She observed that my eyes were upon her, and in an act of instinctive maidenliness she bore her hand to her throat to draw the draperies together and screen the beauties of her neck from my unwarranted glance, as though her daily gown did not reveal as much and more of them.

She sat beside Tom and let him put his arm around her. She sat up straight, by force of her instinctive maidenliness, but she kissed him back when he kissed her. "I haven't been so sure," repeated Tom. "Annie darling, why have I been unable to see more of you?

The personality beside her seemed to be laying an intimate, encroaching hand upon her own, and her maidenliness shrank before it. She threw herself hastily upon other subjects. Presently, he found to his surprise that she was speaking to him of his book. 'It would be so sad if it were not finished, she said timidly. 'Mrs. Burgoyne would feel it so. His expression changed. 'You think Mrs.

Now her youth seemed to drink eagerly a cup of obedience as though it were the wine of life itself. She even longed to obey the voice whispering in her soul from ever so far away: "Close close to him! Home is in his arms." With all her unconscious revelation of herself, however, there was that in her which was pure maidenliness.