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In an unlighted room on the second story of the little hotel four short blocks away, a woman sat crouched behind the curtains of a window which commanded fully the Palace saloon. She was still dressed in the inconspicuous dark robe in which she had watched the sadly aborted attempt at the jail a short half-hour before.

This seeming indifference his light-toned attitude in the face of most serious affairs would have made a failure of him in many things. But his tense interest did not hide itself now. A cigarette remained unlighted between his fingers. His eyes never took themselves for an instant from his companion's face. Something that Whittemore had not yet said thrilled him. He looked at the map.

"Yes, but that didn't indicate whether there was a thousand or a million there." When they reached the entrance to the cave, they sat down and talked over the matter again. The lamps were left unlighted, and they made no effort to enter it. "I have half a notion to go back and talk to the Professor, and bring the boys over." George looked at Harry inquiringly.

An electric lamp will swing dark and unlighted while all the other lamps about it send forth enlightening rays, and all the dynamos in the world may be revolving in the engine house, sending a surging current within a few inches of the isolated lamp, and all in vain unless it come in contact with the power.

If her feet slipped from the coping, she would have no strength for the effort of climbing in at the window. She would hang for a minute and then drop. "The papers," she reminded herself, for a mental tonic. "They're so nearly safe now. Brace up, Clo! A minute more and you'll be out of trouble." The room beyond was, like O'Reilly's, unlighted.

Mason Compton, president and general manager, sat in his private office in the works of the International Machine Company, chewing upon an unlighted cigar and occasionally running his fingers through his iron-gray hair as he compared and recompared two statements which lay upon the desk before him. "Damn strange," he muttered as he touched a button beneath the edge of his desk.

The water broke into a prolonged gurgle under their feet; it sounded uncannily like some derisive listener. There was nothing in sight at all not even their shadows on the unlighted snows. "Well there's a girl here," Winn said in a low voice; "it's not very easy to explain. I haven't told her about Estelle; I meant to, but I couldn't.

Sarah's bright face, framed in her white hood, fresh and rosy from the cold breath of the October night, appeared in the doorway. "Peter is in there waiting for you," she whispered, blushing. John Crewys rose from the piano, and came forward and held out his hand to Sarah, with a smile. Lady Mary hurried past them into the unlighted drawing-room.

We sat smoking silently, resigned to our fate, when all at once there stepped out of the surrounding darkness into the radius of light cast by our now dying fire, an old Eskimo with an unlighted lantern in his hands, and a young fellow of fifteen or sixteen years of age. "Oksutingyae," * said the Eskimo, and then proceeded to light his lantern, paying no further attention to us.

With each new day the Parisians saw themselves subjected to fresh suffering and privation: famine was beginning to make itself felt; the authorities, having first requisitioned horned cattle, were now doing the same with potatoes, gas was no longer furnished to private houses, and soon the fiery flight of the projectiles could be traced as they tore through the darkness of the unlighted streets.