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That's a pretty name," he said, shaking hands with Barrie, his eyes on her face. "Miss Barribel Ballantree, I suppose." "You may suppose so!" returned Mrs. Bal, laughing. "I saw this young lady sitting out in front," he went on, instead of congratulating the actress at once on the success of the first act, which had "gone" splendidly with the large audience.

As it is extremely doubtful that the fame of the "Bal de Sceaux" should ever have extended beyond the borders of the Department of the Seine, it will be necessary to give some account of this weekly festivity, which at that time was important enough to threaten to become an institution.

Vendenning, who adored bishops, immediately remembered him among those asked to her famous annual bal poudré; a celebrated yacht club admitted him to membership; a whole shoal of excellent minor clubs which really needed new members followed suit, and even the rock-ribbed Lenox, wearied of its own time-honoured immobility, displayed the preliminary fidgets which boded well for the stolid candidate.

The very flash of his opera-glasses was interested and eager; and when I proudly took the girl behind the scenes to compliment Mrs. Bal after the first act, I was far from surprised to see Bennett appear almost immediately in the same mystic region.

Max, looking at her in the crude light of a gas-jet, saw that her face was whiter, her eyes more hollow than when her wrath had fallen on him at the Bal Tabarin; also, he noted that a little dew of heat showed through the mask of powder on her face. Silence was maintained until the wine was brought; then she drank thirstily, laid down her empty glass and turned her eyes upon him.

Bal's guest still, and had been royally entertained, she sacrificed the momentary satisfaction. Besides, this was the last moment in which it would be safe to offend Mrs. Bal. "Fail you? Of course not," said Barbara. "But what more can I do? I've written and wired Barrie. We both arranged, first for the Vannecks to stay longer, and then for them to go suddenly or at least to say they were going.

Bal to such a degree, that he could scarce be withheld from punishing him on the spot, by manual chastisement. However, he was prevailed upon to abstain from such immediate vengeance, as a step unworthy of his character; and the affair was brought to this issue, that his lordship should either part with me or Mr.

Am not I in the Possession of Turks and Infidels? Bal. No, Sir; safe in Antonio Villa, within a League of Cadiz. Fran. Why, what a Pox, is not this the Great Turk himself? Bal. This, Sir, cry mercy, my Lord, 'tis Don Carlos, Sir, the Governor. Fran.

Rare News, we are all free and ransom'd! All's well, and the Man has his Mare again. Isa. You still forget your Duty and your Distance. Fran. A pox of your troublesom Honour; a man can't be overjoy'd in quiet for't. Enter Baltazer and Sebastian. Seb. Sure, I am not mistaken, this is the House of my Son Antonio. Bal. Let it be whose house 'twill, I think the Devil's broke loose in't. Seb.

Bal as a guardian; but the old lady's two generations at least behind the age. Youth's at the prow nowadays, and a mother's a mother, anyhow. We'll have to give Mrs. Bal a chance to do the maternal act " "She may be far, far away, even in America or Australia," Aline objected. "And even if " "Oh, Mr.

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