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I dare say there is not a single geranium in the garden. All hands on deck to pipe a farewell: 'Ihr Matten, lebt wohl, Ihr sonnigen Weiden Der Senne muss scheiden, Der Sommer ist hin. Farewell to the blue mountains of Newcastle, and the sunlit valleys of Liverpool, and the silver waterfalls of Leeds; the summer is indeed over; and a very nice and pleasant summer we have had of it."

As the Winter exceedeth in colde, so the Sommer inclineth to ouer much heat, specially in the moneths of Iune, Iuly and August, being much warmer then the Sommer aire in England. The countrey throughout is very well watered with springs, riuers, and Ozeraes, or lakes.

The attention of Parliament was called to the book; the arguments were disputed by Edward Wells, John Edwards, and William Sommer; and Clarke was deprived of his offices. The charge of heterodoxy was certainly never proved against him; he did good service in trying to stem the flood of rationalism prevalent in his time, and his work was carried on by Bishop Butler.

Vpsaliensis affirmeth that he hath felt the Sommer nights in Gotland scarcely tollerable for heate, whereas in Rome he hath felt them cold.

London, 1899. F. G. Fleay. A Biographical Chronicle of the English Drama. 2 vols. London, 1891. Of these some refer chiefly to pastoral poetry, some mainly to the English drama. E. W. Gosse. An Essay on English Pastoral Poetry. A. B. Grosart, Rider on Mr. Gosse's Essay. In Grosart's edition of Spenser, vol. iii, 1882, pp. ix-lxxi. H. O. Sommer. Erster Versuch über die englische Hirtendichtung.

So there remaineth lesse then foure houres of excessiue heate, and that onely in the two Sommer dayes of the yeere, that is the eleueuth day of March, and the fourteenth of September: for vnder the Equinoctiall they haue two Sommers, the one in March, and the other in September, which are our Spring and Autumne: and likewise two Winters, in Iune and December, which are our Sommer and Winter, as may well appeare to him that hath onely tasted the principles of the Sphere.

Howbeit, he hopeth that hee shall reach to Cathaya that very Sommer, vnlesse he be hindered by great abundance of Ice at the mouth of the riuer of Ob, which is sometimes more, and sometimes lesse.

If you leave the theatre, you can repay me the money. Now for your budget. What are your yearly expenses? How much do you want to be comfortable? Come, now, scheme out a life for a Sardanapalus " "I only need two suits of clothes, von for der vinter, von for der sommer." "Three hundred francs," said Gaudissart. "Shoes. Vour bairs." "Sixty francs." "Shtockings " "A dozen pairs thirty-six francs."

And of this kind of drift wood we find all the Seas ouer great store, which being cut or sawed asunder, by reason of long driuing in the Sea is eaten of wormes, and full of holes, of which sort theirs is found to be. They haue snow and haile in the best time of their Sommer, and the ground frosen three fadome deepe.

Then came the jolly sommer being dight In a thin cassock coloured greene, Then came the autumne all in yellow clad, Lastly came winter, cloathed all in frize, Chattering his teeth, for cold that did him chill. Spenser. The triple panel in the attic of the Western Gateway reads: For lasting happiness we turn our eyes to one alone, And she surrounds you now.

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