Even then, he cannot perform his task unless his materials are ample, and derived from sources of unquestioned credibility.

Surely for these days of her desolation that early vision had been granted; and with the force of a heavenly message its memory now brought her strength. The appeal in her eyes deepened, and the lines of her mouth grew more tender, while she held herself firmly erect, as one accustomed to rule, and the tones of her voice took on the accent of unquestioned authority.

The old man would not remember that James Harrington had not only allowed him to remain the ostensible possessor of this large fortune, undoubtedly his own just inheritance, but that more than two thirds of the annual income had for nearly twenty years been surrendered to his unquestioned disposal.

He is distinctively Chinese in his training and outlook. He is a man of force, capable of drastic methods, straightforward intellectually and physically, of unquestioned integrity and of almost Spartan life in a country where official position is largely prized for the luxuries it makes possible.

We tore on through Martha, Forum Aurelii, and a nameless change-house, spurring and lashing as much as we dared, for we dared not disable ourselves with blisters, changing at each halt and getting splendid horses, our diplomas unquestioned. Thus at dusk we reached Cosa, forty-nine miles from Centumcellae and a hundred and nine miles from Rome.

That's all, Watts, just because I've worked hard and earned a little money that's why." And so he talked on, until he was tired, and limped home and sat idly in front of his organ, unable to touch the keys. Then he turned toward the City to visit his temporal kingdom. There in the great Corn Exchange Building his domain was unquestioned.

Once more, the most pathetic figure surely in history, a little startled boy clinging to his mother not afraid indeed of the array of war to which he has been accustomed all his life, and perhaps with an instinct in him of childish majesty, the consciousness which so soon develops even in an infant mind, of unquestioned rank, but surrounded by the atmosphere of horror and affright in which he has been taken from among his playthings stands forth to be hastily enveloped in the robes so pitifully over-large of the dead monarch.

And the blood rushed to Arthur's cheek, his hand involuntarily clenched, and his eye glanced defiance towards Don Felix, as if, even at such a moment, insult even in thought towards Marie should not pass unquestioned; but he restrained himself, and the emotion was unnoticed.

If the United States had the unquestioned right to pay its bonds in silver coin, the little benefit from that process would be greatly overbalanced by the injurious effect of such payment if made or proposed against the honest convictions of the public creditors.

Even the man in the street or perhaps we ought to say even the man in the pew, the average member of a Christian Church is aware that certain potent forces have been for some time past directing a series of sustained assaults upon what were until recently all but unquestioned beliefs; nor, if he is capable of appreciating facts, will he deny though he may deplore it that to all seeming these attacks have been attended by a considerable measure of success.