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Holmcroft being my Secretariat baa-lamb? 'If you adorn your guess with a little profanity, said Innes, acidly, 'you won't be far wrong. Mrs. Violet burst into a peal of laughter. 'Why, you old goose! she articulated, behind her handkerchief; 'he said that to ME. Innes laid down the 'Saturday Review'. 'To you! he repeated; 'Gordon said it to you! 'Rather! Mrs. Violet was still mirthful.

When at last he did correctly hail a sheep as a baa-lamb, the triumphant pleasure of Pollyooly passed all bounds. The Honourable John Ruffin read and observed the children, and observed the children and read. But when they were nearing their journey's end, he shut up his book and said: "I think it will be well for you to cease to be my housekeeper at Pyechurch, Mrs. Bride.

"Well, my friend, you're a pretty cheap kind of baa-lamb for a Missin' Link, I must say," he said haughtily. "Why in the devil did you allow the woman to make such a holy show of you?" "What was a man to do?" answered Nickie. "A Missin' Link that knew his business would have scared her out of her rags. By Heavings, man, you are no artist you will never be an artist."

Now that's a tasty little bit; and he'll soon come when he's hungry, I tell myself. Ah, yes, our young days, they're soon gone. And you stand there and stare like a baa-lamb and the girl down there is nodding at you fit to crick her neck! Yes, the men are a queer race; they pretend they wouldn't dare and yet who is it causes all the misfortunes?"

If she'd been ridden by the straightest feller that ever sat in the pigskin the result'd have been the same. Are you going to give America best in your big race? Is John Bull a bleatin' baa-lamb?"

She let her knitting fall and placed her hand in his. The baby on the rug was alternately caressing and scourging a woolly baa-lamb, which was the fetish of her childish worship. Her broken incessant baby-talk, and the ringing kisses with which she atoned to the baa-lamb for each successive outrage, made a running accompaniment to the moved undertones of the parents.

Enthusiasm amongst the boys was much milder. John Gordon and Charles Stuart MacAllister were scarcely enthusiastic at all. John privately informed his friend that any fellow of twelve and he must be that if he wasn't thirteen who would wear a white collar and velvet rig-up like that to school must be a baa-lamb, and ought to stay home and sit on his mother's knee.

Pollyooly enjoyed the felicity of showing it to the Lump, who had never before seen it; but she was somewhat taken aback by his hailing a ship as a baa-lamb. They found Mrs. Wilson eagerly awaiting them. There was no doubt of her affection for the Honourable John Ruffin. She had a sumptuous tea ready for them; and after the journey and its excitement they dealt with it heartily.

There is too much in them for the innocent baa-lamb picture I must paint." Her face fell. "I shan't do then?" "Dear child, you will," he reassured her. "I shall paint your lashes and not your eyes. Your lashes and a curve of pink cheek. Now go behind that screen and put on the sprigged cotton frock you will find there, with a muslin fichu and a mob cap.

It was a terrible ordeal, and they had moreover made such a fire in the stove, that the room seemed quite red hot. "It is dreadfully hot here!" observed the first brother. "Yes," replied the princess, "my father is going to roast young pullets to-day." "Baa!" there he stood like a baa-lamb.