Fwhat d'you take me for?" she sez. "A woman," sez I; "the prettiest in barricks." "A wife," sez she; "the straightest in cantonmints!" 'Wid that I dropped my arm, fell back tu paces, an' saluted, for I saw that she mint fwhat she said. 'Then you know something that some men would give a good deal to be certain of. How could you tell? I demanded in the interests of Science.

The finest, straightest old chap who ever took a forlorn little tike in out of the wet, and petted him, and frolicked with him, and filled his stocking all the year round, and made his holidays things of rapture, and taught him how to ride and shoot and fish and swim and cut his losses and do pretty much everything that makes life worth living that was Dunny.

There ain't no officials to do any guardin' out here; you've got to do it yourself or it don't get done. A man can't take too many chances an' live to tell about it. When you know a man's lookin' for you, yearnin' to perforate you, it's just a question of who can shoot the quickest an' the straightest. In the case of Pickett, I happened to be the one. It might have been Pickett.

Ricasoli was rigid, frigid, a frequenter of the straightest possible roads; Rattazzi, supple, accommodating, with an incorrigible partiality for umbrageous by-ways.

Luxury unmanned him; he who had once held the straightest spear in western India, and for the love of feeling red blood racing in his veins had ridden down panthers on the maidan, was flabby now; deep, dark rings underlined his eyes and the once steel-sinewed wrist trembled.

So the Deacon inquired of the village folk Where he could find the strongest oak, That couldn't be split nor bent nor broke, That was for spokes and floor and sills; He sent for lancewood to make the thills; The crossbars were ash, from the straightest trees; The panels of white-wood, that cuts like cheese, But lasts like iron for things like these; The hubs of logs from the "Settler's ellum," Last of its timber, they couldn't sell 'em, Never an axe had seen their chips, And the wedges flew from between their lips, Their blunt ends frizzled like celery-tips; Step and prop-iron, bolt and screw, Spring, tire, axle, and linchpin too, Steel of the finest, bright and blue; Thoroughbrace bison-skin, thick and wide; Boot, top, dasher, from tough old hide Found in the pit when the tanner died.

The straightest and easiest way from the Station Hotel to Joseph's house is straight along the river bank. Now then, call on your memory! What did Mrs. Pratt tell us? 'When I was going back to the bar, says Mrs. Pratt, 'I heard more. "Along the river-side," says the gentleman. "Straight on from where I am all right." Then, after a minute, "At seven-thirty, then?" he says.

The few moments of light that remained we employed in covering our hut with a species of broad-bladed grass that grew in every fissure of the ravine. Our hut, if it deserved to be called one, consisted of six or eight of the straightest branches we could find laid obliquely against the steep wall of rock, with their lower ends within a foot of the stream.

This last action led to a train of thought, and Basil seemed suddenly to adopt some new resolution. Leaving the fork where he had perched himself, he climbed higher up the tree; and, selecting one of the longest and straightest branches, commenced cutting it off close to the trunk.

"Just the same," he said cheerfully, "you are my wife, and I'm going to keep you and make you love me." Mary felt a thrill of fear through her very soul. "You can't!" she cried harshly. "You are his son!" "She's a crook!" Burke said. "I don't care a damn what you've been!" Dick exclaimed. "From now on you'll go straight. You'll walk the straightest line a woman ever walked.